(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


Agent Monroe sneakily rounds the corner as she delves deeper into The Machine’s lair. After updating her syndicate she creeps further until coming upon the dungeon where all of his mischief takes place, but unbeknownst to her she’s under observation. From PoV, agent SK tails her into the room armed with a blackjack and gets in close. A quick tap to the shoulder alerts her of his presence and she withstands a blow to the head turning her into a groggy doll. A second blow drops her to her knees where she helplessly awaits her fate. A third strike from the club crumples her into a derri “air” pose where she barely hangs onto consciousness. SK informs her about the ambush and how her intended target is on the way before a final swing of the blackjack scrambles her brains.

Monroe remains in a daze despite SK’s revival attempts and he forces her to a stand against the wall. A spray of chloroform crosses her airways placing her deeper into a zonked state. Her knees buckle and she slumps against the wall while struggling to keep her wits. A second haze of the substance sends her to lala land with subtle involuntary spasms. She’s abruptly woken with powerful punches to the gut and SK prepares a dust mask laced with the chloroform spray. He forces her into the corner of the room with a chokehold and offers her a chance to escape with a little game. If she can reach the exit through the toxic effects of the mask then she’ll be granted freedom, but if not she’s in for a long night.

Monroe staggers about the mats trying desperately to reach the exit as the gas seeps into her system. She completely folds into a derri “air” pose as she reaches the end of the mats, failing to liberate herself and into the hands of her captors. As the mask is removed and she’s checked drool pours from her lips. She’s forced to her feet in the center of the mats and SK applies a taser to her neck. She spasms as she’s lit up, takes a chop to the neck, and flops forward onto an active taser for more painful surges. She continues to convulse as the saliva gushes from her lips and she’s flipped over, relieving her from the powerful pulses. She softly twitches as her eyes form into slits and she’s out cold.

SK retrieves a chopstick from his nasty bag of tricks and exercises his knowledge of pressure points. A jab to her belly button stirs her awake, then it’s sharply pressed to her temple. She shudders from the intense sensation and is left a limp mess. A final press to her throat puts her lights out and she’s left to be picked apart by The Machine.

The Machine enters to see his depleted plaything ready for his handiwork. She’s repositioned and forced to protrude her tongue despite being unconscious. He hoists her up for an OTS carry and light ragdolling. After dropping her to the mats he puts the taser to her neck for a shocking awakening. He tightens a bicep around her throat for a sleeperhold that she’s powerless to escape. The frantic kicking stops and she’s brought to enervated twitches. He fastens the submission deeper, jarring her awake squeezing more drool from her strained throat. A two-fisted thrust to the stomach rouses her up and she’s scooped into a brutal bearhug. She’s clinched till she droops in his grasp and ends up in another OTS carry.

The Machine shows technical prowess with a cross armbar and kicks to her midsection. He aims for the neck with a headscissor that twists her into lethargy and continues the submissions with a rear headscissor. He transitions to a figure four headscissor and cracks her neck with lifts and slams and she’s left twitching. The Machine poses over his would-be assassin and delivers a boot to her stomach. He lifts and whips her into the wall, priming her for a number of belly punches. Deep blows crash into her stomach and a finishing blow reels her over his shoulder for a spit take KO. The Machine enjoys his last OTS carry before employing the final phase of the beatdown.

When Monroe comes too she’s completely wrapped up by Blake the Snake. Her entire midsection is enveloped and she’s squeezed to the point of cracking ribs and agonizing writhing. She squirms in futility as every iota of oxygen is squeezed from her core and her vitality drops to zero. When it’s all said and done, she’s left a frothy, enfeebled femme fatale amongst the many that dared to challenge The Machine.

Blackjack KOs
Derri “air” KO poses
Chloroform spray KO
Belly punching
Chloroform mask KO
Neck chop
Taser KO
Chopstick temple drill KO
Eye check
Over-the-shoulder carries
Sleeperhold KO
Bearhug KO
Cross armbar
Headscissor KO
Belly claw
Rear headscissor
Rear figure four headscissor KO
Belly punch w/ spit take KO
Limb checks
Victory pose
Twitching / convulsing
Tongue protrusion
Blake the snake constriction KO
Frothy drool


Length: 32 min
Price: 29.99