(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


1st wrestler to score a 3 count pin wins. Sounds simple, right? Well…by all expectations it should have been the rookie who took a loss at the hands of the more experienced Devon in this match…but nothing at SKW is ever what it seems. What Sapphire unleashes here is nothing short of a hurricane, revealing to an unsuspecting Devon just how much it hurts to judge a book by its cover…especially when the book can kick your ASS. We start off with a sudden headlock from Devon, which is then reversed into an atomic drop by Sapphire. An amazing STANDING surfboard is then reversed into a near pin by Devon, who proceeds to unleash a barrage of stomps and belly blows on the Cuban newcomer. A snap mare to the mat later and Sapphire is caught in a sleeper hold…one that does the trick and puts her out. As Devon counts the pin it looks like Sapphire kicks out…but it’s actually Devon pulling her hair up at the last second! There have been some major mistakes made in our country’s history, folks…but this could possibly have been the biggest one of all. As Devon picks Sapphire up the lethal latina strikes with an uppercut to the belly and a forced knee smash to the face that sends Devon reeling to the mat. A brutal boston crab/camel clutch double submission follows, only to lead to a sudden STUNNER KO for Devon. She awakens to a brutal neck scissors that slowly turns into a figure four scissors…one that Sapphire uses to drive Devon’s skull into the mat 4 times in a row for yet ANOTHER KO!

Belly punches awaken the SKW vet, who suddenly traps Sapphire in a reverse body scissors…but before she can gain any advantage the powerful rookie tilts the scissors over, stands up, and devastates Devon with a vertical body implant slam! The blows to the belly come next, sending Devon tumbling to the mats as Sapphire delivers several painful elbow and leg drops to the throat and stomach. Devon counters and traps Sapphire, however, landing one of the most painful IMPLANT DDT’s we’ver ever seen! Devon goes for the cover but a weakened Sapphire manages to kick out at the last second, moving fast and putting Devon’s lights out with a massive X-Factor. It is at this point that we started realizing what a HEEL Sapphire is destined to become, as the girl proceeds to end it all for Devon with her own special finishing recipe: a) Add one cup of JUMPING SPIKED PILEDRIVER…b) Mix with a MASSIVE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER…c) Add in a whopping handful of WIDOW’S PEAK icing… (yes…you heard that right…that WIDOW’S PEAK)…And voila! You’ve got yourself a completely unconscious opponent…one ripe for that final 3 count leghook pin. Sapphire gets the win and turns onto her back, exhausted but pleased at the results.

Length: app 13 min, 11 sec

Price: $11.99