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ZAKO KOs: chapter three

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Sentries, Amo Morbia, and Bailey Paige stand front and center awaiting commands in their adorable getups. As we get into the first scenario, Amo enters the area with an air of caution, however her lack of a keen eye gets her caught with a tranq dart and left face down and ass up. Bailey enters soon after, wondering what happened to her ally and suffers the same fate, except left with her left atop Amo’s rear. Bailey attempts to come to her senses, but passes out again with her face to Amo’s cheeks. The stuck Bailey is left to endure multiple tranq shots causing her to plow her face into Amo’s ass repeatedly due to recoiling. Amo gets her fair share of shots as well keeping them both in the compromising position. The shots then pierce the twosome hitting them at once and eventually splaying Bailey out on the mats. SK approaches the fallen sentries, then runs his gun down Bailey’s body before plugging her snatch with a dart. The ripe and folded Amo gets similar treatment as the pistol caresses her body before plugging her pussy with a shot. Limb checks indicate it’s night night for the pair and the end of the scene.

In the next, Bailey takes point as she wanders into the danger zone only to suffer a triple tap that leans her against the wall. She slides down to a slumped position completely enervated and tries her best to shake the torpor. Amo enters and tries to assist Bailey, but a lack of attentiveness leads to a shot dropping her to derri “air” position on top of Bailey’s belly. The baddies stir in defeat as the substance leaves them impotent. Stuck in their doomed position, SK lets off more rounds into each assuring knockouts for both. SK then runs the gun along Amo’s backside before placing piercing shots that hit them both through Amo’s back and pussy. He takes a moment to adore the vanquished dolls before allowing them to recover.

It’s into the thick of things as the next scene is a shootout between the sentries and SK. SK scores a frag by taking Amo out and dropping her over the stool she used for cover. Bailey follows soon after as she exposes herself for a barrage and melts right on top of Amo. The girls emit winded groans of pain and SK punishes them further with following shots that recoil Bailey backwards into a fallen corpse on the mats. Amo gets a triple tap that flops her onto the mats, leaving the stool vacant. As a parting gift, SK sprawls the girls and caresses them with the cold steel before plugging their groins with goodnight shots.

The next scenario sees Amo and Bailey dive out into a hail of gunfire and end up in derri “air” KO poses for their efforts. Bailey is finished with a neck shot and Amo, a shot to the privates. The next situation is highly intimate as the ladies lie in a sixty-nine position, muff diving to their hearts’ content. The sensually groaning girls have their session cut short as SK’s piercing shots drop them into a motionless body pile. A shot to the groin for Amo and a shot to the chest for Bailey spells the end for the pair. The compromising KOs continue as shots drop Amo onto her back into a matchbook KO pose and Bailey soon follows, dropping into Amo’s lady parts face first as a dazed dame. A shot to the neck leaves Bailey buried in Amo’s goodies and a shot to Amo’s treasure ensures they’ll be stuck for a good while.

The final scene shows endless clones of the sentries being taken out as a pair by a hidden sniper to be left as a set of defeated damsels in various KO poses.

Tranquilizer pistol KOs
Groin shot KOs
Triple tap KOs
Piercing shots KOs
Sixty-nine KO
Multi-sentry pairs KO sequence
Matchbook KO pose
Derri “air” KO poses
Limp play
Assorted body piles
First-person PoV
Eye checks


Length: 19 min
Price: 18.99