(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

ZAKO KOs: chapter one

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The delicious Pandora stands adorned in her cute getup, awaiting any potential threat that may enter the area. In the first scenario, Pandora creeps into the scene while armed with a pistol and you catch her with a sneaky shot while lying prone and concealed. Pandora drops into a derri “air” pose, softly groaning and writhing in defeat. You land more shots that cause her to sharply jerk before she’s done in. Your limb checks spell the end for her, but you’re not quite done yet. A shot to her open groin springs her up and sprawls her into spread eagle. You finish her off with a triple tap and pan over her delicate figure as she lies depleted.

The next scenario sees you sneak attack Pandora as she approaches from another angle. A triple tap leans her against the wall, then face down into a derri “air” pose. A recoiling shot flips Pandora onto her back. She gradually comes to and uses the wall to support herself up to her feet. You bury a short in her back that launches her backwards and folds her into a matchbook KO pose. Successive shots cause her to jerk as she maintains the pose. You opt for limb checks and grant her another shot to the crotch before flipping her into spread eagle. She’s put to bed with a triple tap that sits her up, then a headshot that lays her out once more.

Pandora finds herself in a shootout and she takes whatever cover she can. She gets flushed out and riddled with shots that strew her face down on the stool. She faintly moans as she teeters the edge of consciousness. You lift her by the hair to expose her zonked expression and seeping drool. You take the golden opportunity to feel her over and deliver light spanks before delivering three shots to her groin to put her away The next scene sees Pandora folded up against the wall in a matchbook pose. You plug her with three rounds and follow up with successful limb checks.

With Pandora’s back to the wall, she pleads for you to let her off and you respond by riddling her with a triple tap to the body. Her back meets the wall and she slides down into a KO with sapped strength. A triple tap ends her as she sits against the wall, vanquished. Pandora finds herself helpless with her back against the wall once more and your barrage of bullets drops her to her knees before she’s rendered face down and lifeless. She lightly twitches from the potent dose of pain and you approach her from the side. A shot to the neck shoots her body from prone to a derri “air” pose. You fondle your prey a bit more before the scene’s end. SK performs an OTS carry, dangling the powerless sentry over his shoulder and delivering a final shot before making his way out.

In the final scenario, you catch sentry Pandora while she’s lounging out in the yard. From your concealed location your triple tap slumps her into the chair for KO. A security camera catches the action as multiple Pandora clones hit the yard and are taken out one by one. Your accurate firing handily takes out the girls leaving them knocked out in pleasuring and compromising positions. The target practice continues until the field is littered with sexy KO’d clones.

Tranquilizer pistol KOs
Crotch shot KO
Triple tap KOs
Headshot KO
Derri “air” KO poses
Matchbook KO poses
Over-the-shoulder carry
Multi-clone KOs
First-person perspective
Limb checks
Instant replays


Length: 26 min
Price: 24.99