(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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In this blast from the past clip, Frankie Z takes on Devon D’amo in a no holds barred bout in which a 10 count pin is required to win. Frankie wastes no time, quickly applying a reverse bear hug to her opponent. Devon isn’t having any of it and not only escapes but momentarily reverses the bear hug. Devon’s turning of the tables is short lived, however, as Frankie easily escapes and throws Devon roughly to the ground. Jumping at the opportunity, Frankie stealthily applies a high body scissors as she taunts to Devon: “Welcome to CALIFORN-I-A”! After cinching and fully applying the scissor, Frankie switches things up and slaps on a sleeper hold. Devon’s in big trouble, but as luck would have it, she manages to escape again with her consciousness. The two fired up wrestlers lock hands in a test of strength that leads to Frankie applying both another grueling body scissors as well as a cross body pin. Seeing an opening, Frankie quickly transitions from the cross body to a reverse head scissors. Devon’s all out of luck, it seems, as we see her fading fast from the hold. Frankie watches as her opponents eyes glaze over and roll wildly before full body limpness takes hold, marking Devon as completely down for the count.

Standing up to gloat, Frankie happily flexes and boasts about her wrestling prowess. She’s so involved with her own talk that she is caught completely unawares when Pandora sneaks into the ring and attacks her with a piggy back sleeper hold!

While Frankie struggles against Pandora’s choke, Devon comes around. Joining in on the attack, Devon applies a body scissor simultaneous to the sleeper. Frankie hangs in as long as she can, eventually going out after her eyes do their wild dance.

Devon and Pandora wake Frankie up as they pull her to her feet. It would seem they’ve let their guard down, though, and forgotten who they’re in the ring with. Frankie reels back and slams a double belly punch that rocks both Pandora and Devon. Frankie advances while they are keeled over in pain, seeing a prime opportunity and taking it: with a double stunner. Devon and Pandora are both out like lights once they make impact with the mat.

Frankie isn’t having the kindest thoughts after being double teamed, so she returns a favor of sorts in kind. The remainder of this no holds barred match is a lesson in wrestling tact for Devon and Pandora. They learn the hard way what happens when you play with fire, or in this case, Frankie Z. Frankie’s skill allows her to apply multiple holds at the same time, never giving Pandora or Devon the means to turn the match back in their favor. Frankie knocks them both out several times before wrapping things up with a double head scissors KO. Frankie slaps out her 10 count, and the win for her is official. She reminds them again who they were up against as she stands and victory poses proudly over them.


reverse bearhug
body scissors
finger-lock test of strength
cross body pin
reverse head scissors KO
piggy back sleeper
double belly punch
double stunner KO
over the shoulder carry
body splash
hammerfist to back
belly kicks
ring rope choke
leg drops
sleeper/figure four head scissor combo (applied to both Devon and Pandora)
double reverse bear hug KO
double head scissors KO

 Note:  This is an earlier SKW clip shot with our 720 X 480 cam and is not in HD



Length: 12 min

Price: 7.99