This time Sleeperkid gives Serena a fair start, but soon enough she’s caught in the Kid’s powerful bearhug…one that squeezes her into an eventual knockout. Serena stirs after a few seconds, however, only to find herself getting picked up for a powerful over the knee backbreaker, one that gets suddenly amplified by belly blows and a powerful double claw that has her cries of “You Coward” suddenly turning into “I submit!”. SK keeps the claw on, though, adding insult to injury by dumping Serena on the ground and stepping over her belly on his way out! We see Serena stare at the door, her eyes glazed. “You…coward…” she mutters. Suddenly a wave of pain washes over her, causing her back to arch as she moans in agony. It proves to be too much, however, and soon enough the pain causes her to black out, defeated…yet again!

Length: 7 min

Price: $6.99