Fans of Serena and mixed battles are gonna love this 2 part KO punch of a download!

In Clip # 1, Sleeperkid goes for a denim-clad Serena’s mid section, crushing her in a long-lastingbearhug that leaves her nearly unconscious. The second move is an extended over the knee backbreaker/claw combo that, when coupled with a carotid artery choke, sends the lovely blonde to dreamland while setting her up for a 3 count pin!

Clip # 2 features Super-Serena looking for a male intruder. A chloroform attack from behind puts her out, only to be woken up to five more KOs! A sleeper hold is followed by a karate chop to the neck, a cobra clutch, a bearhug, and a final knuckle drill to the temple that leaves our superheroine out for the night!

Length: CLIP ONE: 5 min, 26 sec / CLIP TWO: 7 min, 27 sec

Price: $12.99