(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Christina Carter has received the opportunity to be Wonder Woman in an upcoming TV show. She raves about reprising her key role. It’s decided she’ll go over some recital with SK when suddenly she’s struck from the rear with a chair shot by Randy Moore. Randy makes it known that she’s the true actress to fulfill the role of Wonder Woman while laying into Christina with a chair smash to her belly. Randy proceeds pounding into Christina with face and belly blows, then targets Christina’s massive chest with strikes as well. A punchdrunk Christina slides down the wall for Randy to pose over her with a foot on top of her head.

Christina’s pulled to the center where Randy proceeds punishment with a skullcrusher. Christina writhes around as she’s squeezed senseless into a derri “air” pose. A foot grind to Christina’s head rattles her awake and she’s contorted into a backbreaker with belly claw combo. Randy transitions into a rear figure-four headscissor, choking Christina until she stops moving. Randy strikes a win pose over a winded Christina and awakens her with a foot grind to the stomach. A reverse headscissor traps Christina and steals her oxygen till it’s lights out and is straddled by her assailant. Randy mounts and shakes her awake by the face before pouncing with a frontal facesit. Christina is smothered to sleep and Randy doubles up with a reverse facesit knockout for good measure. Randy then presses a foot to Christina’s face while striking a victory pose.

Christina’s flipped over and placed into a back-sitting foot smother that takes her out in tortuous fashion and Randy performs a full-weight stand on Christina’s back. Christina’s flipped over again and locked into a breast smother as Randy mounts her with foul intent. Christina goes limp for Randy to hit another win pose, then gets another taste of defeat as Randy sits on top for a double foot smother knockout. Randy poses once more before retrieving a leash and cinching it around Christina’s neck before guiding her around the room on all fours. A leash choke gets Christina stirring around wildly before collapsing in fatigue and Randy fondles with her weakened prey alongside posing victoriously. Christina is then stripped of all her Wonder Woman gear to reveal her voluptuous figure.

Randy can’t help but take time to dominate the purely vanquished Christina with poses and full-weight standing. She also gets hold of a marker and brands Christina’s forehead with the word “loser” before taking a selfie with her devastated victim. An offscreen mist of sleeping gas catches Randy off guard and she goes comatose on top of Christina for a body pile. SK enters the scene and reveals Christina has paid for his protection. A short time later, Christina recovers, taunts Randy, and gathers her gear before leaving the scene. Randy wakes in a jealous rage, irritated that her plan to reprise the role of Wonder Woman was thwarted.

Chair shots
Face punches KO
Belly punching
Breast punching
Skullcrusher KO
Head stomp
Backbreaker w/ belly claw
Rear figure-four headscissor KO
Reverse headscissor KO
Frontal facesitting KO
Reverse facesitting KO
Rear-sitting foot smother KO
Full-weight stands
Breast smother KO
Waist-sitting feet smother KO
Leash choke KO
Forehead branding
Chloroform mist dual KO
Body pile
Leash play
Dog walking
Derri “air” KO pose
Victory poses
Tongue protrusion
Nip slips
Trash talk


Length: 23 min
Price: 23.99