(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



In this POV superheroine adventure, you fade into consciousness with a gloating Karly Salinas, wearing a tight Wonder Woman outfit, standing over you, gloating and chastising you.  Her gloating is soon cut short, though, as you pull a cloth from behind your back and slap it over Wonder Woman’s mouth. She struggles, trying to pry the cloth from her face, but quickly her eyes start to roll and cross as her lids grow heavier and heavier until she collapses backward onto the floor.  Catatonic, she gasps and moans as you once again cover her nose and mouth with the cloth until her lids shut and she goes still

You pluck her arms and legs up for a little limp play as she lays unresponsive, but soon Wonder Woman begins to come around, groggily getting back up to her feet.  A quick punch to the face sends her crashing to the ground again, but she rises back up unsteadily, so three more punches rock her back on her heels until she crashes to the floor again, and one more for good measure sends her to dreamland

After some limp play she comes to again, but a choke hold has her gasping as you haul her to her feet by her neck, then slam your fist into her belly over and over, showing inhuman strength against the amazing amazon.  Another choking sends her eyes to rolling as she gasps for breath, eyes rolling and tongue dangling, until she finally collapses to the ground again, unconscious.  After making sure she’s out by plucking at her limp limbs, you have time to reach into your bag of tricks.  You select…. the truncheon

Sliding it over her body to revive her, Wonder Woman comes to and gets to her feet, only for you to crash her skull with the billy club once, then again, sending her crashing to the floor ass-up…  one last strike and she’s out again, as you play with her limp body.

Next you select a can of knock out gas as Wonder Woman comes around, getting to her feet. She comes at you but a quick spritz of spray has her wobbling on her feet and her eyes rolling and crossing as she staggers back, then collapses to the floor. Groggy but still conscious, you hit her with another spray of gas, as her eyes close.  Struggling to get to her feet, you hit her with one last spritz and she collapses into dreamland, as a little limp play proves

Next you take and chopstick from your duffel and wait for Wonder Woman to come to, lifting her arm and dropping it until she begins to come around.  Before she can react, you jam the chopstick into her temple, the pressure ravaging her nerve endings as she writhes, her eyes crossing and her tongue dangling spasming under the nerve attack’s effects. Slowly her lids flutter shut until the twitching is the only movement she’s capable of.  You drop her arms and legs again to assure yourself she’s out, then you pry her boots from her feet, before stripping her of her socks.

When she comes to Wonder Woman startles violently, but you’re ready for her, delivering a swift kick to her face, dropping her back to the ground, out cold. After another bit of limp play you take a mysterious orb from your bag as Wonder Woman comes to.  Before she can attack you, she’s mesmerized by the orb and slips into a hypnotic state.  You get her calling you master and have her obeying your every command. To prove she’s not faking it, you grab a taser from your duffel bag and instruct her to tase herself with it.

Completely under your control, she jams it into her neck and begins to spasm and twitch. Her tongue sticks out and her eyes cross until she drops to her knees, and you take the taster from her and tell her to beg to be finished off.  Once she does you oblige her and jam the taser into her. She thrashes and spasms, crashing to the ground over the taser after you’ve dropped it, tasing herself and shuddering on the ground, her tongue dangling out of her lips as her body bucks and quakes before she finally goes still

You command her to wake up after a countdown, getting her to stand up as you offer her a leash and collar, commanding her to put it on. After she obeys, you command her to crawl for you, the most humiliating moment for an amazon. Like an obedient puppy she follows you around the room before you command her to strangle herself with the chain leash.  She hypnotically obliges you until she finally passes out, her tongue dangling out of her mouth.  Once you’ve assured yourself she’s out cold, you take her vaunted Lasso of Truth from her belt with a plan in mind

After a brief interlude, you have called your minion Kayla in to assist you with Wonder Woman, now bound by her own lasso.  When she finally comes to, she’s humiliated to find herself so helpless without her belt of power. You tell Kayla to produce the chloroform cloth and she slaps it over Wonder Woman’s mouth and nose, the amazonian princess inhaling the vapors, struggling as her eyes cross and flutters until she finally fades out.  After checking her rolled eyes, Kayla hauls her onto her shoulder, carrying her off to her new home, your private prison cell.

Wonder Woman
Knock Outs
Face Punching
Face Kicking
Eye Crossing
Tongue protrusion
Eye Rolling
Limp Play
Boot Removal
Knockout Spray
Nerve Attack
Collar and Leash
Lift and Carry


Length: 24 min

Price: 19.99