The city needs a superheroine, and Serena wants the job, but there’s a major competitor out there that could stand in her way: WONDER-HONEY! Super Serena invites her over and proceeds to KO her with a bat blow to the skull. She then proceeds to chloroform her out, and then re-awaken her for several face punches, a massive right cross, and a sleeper hold seems to finish the lovely Honey off. Later on, Serena returns and Wonder-Honey attacks Super-Serena with her lasso of truth. She then commands her to behave as if she were under kryptonite’s effects. She is commanded to pass out, only to awaken to a painful belly blow KO, roundhouse punch to the face KO, and a long-held sleeper that leaves Serena in dreamland for what’s destined to be a long time.

Length: 11 min, 54 sec

Price: $9.99