(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Wonder Willow & Cheetah Galas come face to face and assume fighting stances. The ladies exchange words as the size each up with circling. They charge at one another, then tie up. Galas gets the upper hand as she strong-arms Willow into the wall and digs into her midsection with belly blows. With Willow seemingly softened up, Galas retreats and attempts a running wall splash only to crash into the cement and knock herself out from the heavy collision. Willow takes advantage by flipping Galas over and committing to an ankle lock that makes Galas tap in submission. Galas grows furious from Willow’s clever play and she takes a swing at the heroine. Willow parries the punch and twists Galas into a full nelson submission. Galas wriggles around shrieking in pain till her fading power sends her to her knees. Willow finishes the job laying Galas out on her face in exhaustion.

Willow taunts her felled villainess, who demands their match be extended to 3 of 5 falls. Galas immediately engages with a running clothesline that Willow slips with ease and counters with a compressing sleeperhold. Galas employs dirty tactics with an eye rake to Willow to free herself, then shows her claws once more with a bake rake. Galas combos into a low blow to drop Willow to her knees hunched over. As Willow sits reeling Galas flexes her paws with a mandible claw to the fleeting heroine. The nerve hold wears Wonder Willow down till she’s lethargically writhing on her back as every ounce of energy is sapped from her body. Willow lasts as long as she can, but ultimately ends up a convulsing goddess at the mits of Cheetah Galas.

Galas strikes a win pose with her boot across Willow’s midsection, however hasn’t had her fill and wakes Willow with a hard belly stomp. She follows up with consecutive belly splashes and attempts to take Willow out with a 10-count single leg hook pin that’s denied. Galas proceeds by hoisting willow up then planting her headfirst with a DDT KO. A belly stomp wakes Willow again then Galas deals another high impact slam in the form of an x-factor KO. Galas takes advantage of Willow’s open back with a snapping camel clutch then womanhandles her into a crunching backbreaker hold. Willow verbally submits, then Galas displays her technical prowess with a modified figure-four leg lock.

As it seems Willow is doomed to submit, she reverses the hold and flips Galas onto her stomach and pins her hands behind her back. Galas powers her way out of hold flinging Willow across the mats. Willow can barely find the energy to rise and Galas takes advantage by stripping off her bracelets of submission, decreasing her power level. Willow then finds herself in an excruciating swinging cradle submission that puts high stress on each of her limbs. Willow lies, completely out of it as Galas chooses to extend the match to best of 7 before strolling to get her paws on a chair.

Willow stands vulnerable as a groggy heap and eats a chair shot that sends her staggering about before the knockout. Galas then stands over her adversary and presses the back of the chair to her throat. The chair is forced harder and deeper into the throat of the contorting Willow until her tongue dangle and she softly twitches. Galas agitates Willow awake, who manages to battle back with an eye rake of her own. With Galas dazed, Willow gets her hands on the chair and sends it crashing across her foe’s face for a returned KO. Willow flips a floored Galas and gets in nice and snug with a reverse guillotine choke. The ladies wiggle and gyrate as they struggle in each other’s clutches. Galas uses her powerful thighs to gain leverage, but the strangling submission is highly effective, eventually knocking her out for Willow’s pin attempt. Willow scores a 10-count single leg hook pin to secure her W for the match and she hits a foot-to-belly victory pose to conclude the match. Fulfilling her duty as superheroine, Wonder Willow drags Cheetah Galas off the scene and into the slammer.

Belly punching
Running wall splash self-KO
Ankle lock
Full nelson KO
Eye rakes
Back rake
Low blow
Mandible claw KO
Foot-on-stomach victory poses
Belly splashes
Single leg hook pin (attempt)
X-factor KO
Camel clutch
Backbreaker hold
Modified figure four leg lock
Wrist-clutching pin
Swinging cradle hold
Chair shot KOs
Chair choke KO
Reverse guillotine choke KO
10-count single leg hook pin
Body drag ending
Tongue protrusion
Instant replay
Twitching / convulsing
Eye rolling
Trash talk


Length: 18 min
Price: 17.99