(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Sage pillar wants to rendezvous on the mats with Lia Labowe ahead of their shoot date, which causes the latter to be perplexed. Sage doesn’t pull any punches as she primed to prove she’s the superior jobber to the SKW vet. Lia isn’t surprised considering her breadth of experience in handling said challenges. Lia confirms she’s game then Sage tricks her with a fake distraction prank granting her the opportunity to bind Lia’s throat with a sleeperhold. Sage forces her down to the mat for leverage then sways her around in full control. In fleeting breaths, Lia wriggles around in a tizzy as she attempts to free herself. The hold visibly saps Lia’s strength as her movements become weaker and the oxygen slips through her fluttering lips.

Lia finally droops to a KO and Sage ignores her successful limb check. She twists Lia’s neck, jerking her alive for a brief moment as she’s still out cold. Repetition jerks knock Lia in and out of consciousness and she verbally concedes to Sage. Sage cinches the hold even tighter causing Lia to twitch in submission. Her eyes roll back and her toes faintly wiggle from Sage’s sadist squeezing. With Lia out of commission, Sage goes for a single leg hook pin and heats it up with a belly punch for each count. Fists pound the air from Lia’s diaphragm and she grunts with each blow. Completely void of the power to kick out, the pinfall is secured, then Sage wakes Lia to swap roles.

Light slaps knock Lia into an aggravated awakening and the girls get into it again over the title of ‘jobber goddess’. Lia takes command by applying the same seated sleeperhold she received and Sage withers in the chokehold. Her eyes roll back as her arms weakly flail and Lia is ecstatic to give the viewers a show. She frees Sage from her bikini top exposing beautiful pierced tits and snares her back into that strenuous sleeperhold. Sage puts up little to no fight as she’s putty beneath Lia’s authority. She softly mutters about being put to sleep, then a loud and weathered breath spells the end for her. Lia returns the neck snap favors to her victim and Sage begins to spasm. She asks Lia to put her to sleep and a 5-count limb check ensures she’s KO’d.

Sage ends up on the receiving end of the single leg hook pin with belly punches she dealt earlier, and Lia delivers with ferociousness. The loud claps of flesh vs. fists is accompanied by Sage’s grunts and fluttering lips as the air is thumped out of her. Sage lies spread eagle after the count of 20 and Lia strikes a domineering pose over the opposing jobber. Sage comes to after a deep breath and wants back into the driver’s seat, however Lia’s just having too much fun as is. She forces Sage to the wall and warms her ribs up with a set of belly punches. Sage stands groggy as the air’s continually driven from her, then Lia whips her across to the other wall. She taunts the deflated Sage and lays into her with a few running wall splashes. Sage wobbles from the wall to her knees, desperately trying to keep her bearings only to melt into a derri “air” KO pose. Lia flexes over her opponent as she plants polished toes on her hindquarters.

Lia agitates Sage awake, who complains about the unfairness of their competition. Lia handles her to the mats in bullying fashion as Sage cries foul and receives tormenting belly splashes for her petulance. Plunging belly splashes push the Sage’s ribs causing her to flutter and recoil from the pressure. The beauty consists of soft moans, twitching, and eye rolling as Lia goes to town. The verbal harassment keeps up with each splash and a powerful impact forces Sage to spit up all over Lia’s attire. A final splash allows Sage’s tongue to push through and Lia changes over to seated leg drops. Lia’s powerful legs pummel Sage’s collar and throat to the point of vanquished twitches and suffering recoils. The last leg drop is cocked back and slammed to Sage’s neck for a huge knockout and Sage’s poor, irritated collar. Another victory pose for Lia soon awakens the loopy jobber for more.

A yank of the hair gets Sage to her feet and scooped into a bearhug. Lia walks around as she crams tightly on Sage’s midsection, pumping the oxygen out with a display of brawn. Sage offers nothing in the way of resistance as her legs go limp and Lia hunches down for an even snugger grip on the ribs. Tightened squeezes break Sage down into a limp ragdoll and Lia has her right where she wants her. She spikes Sage into the mats with a tombstone piledriver causing such violent convulsions that she spits up and all over herself. Lying helpless and depleted, Sage suffers further punishment as she’s sat up and choked with her own bra. Sage wildly writhes and is choked into a drooling fit and Lia gives her a complimentary title of ‘best jobber at SKW’, but only for a day. The spasms continue in Lia’s lap until Sage has nothing left in the tank, but she’s not quite done yet.

Lia mounts the jobbing goddess, pinning her to the mats and wrapping fleshy thighs around her sides for a squishing grape grind submission. Pelvic thrusts blast Sage’s midsection as she’s exposed and the air is pushed out in the most lascivious manner. Lia completely obliterates with 20 hard thrusts to Sage’s chest causing loud exhales. Sage lies utterly drained and twitching from the steamy maneuver giving Lia the chance to cram her bikini top into her mouth. For good measure, Lia strips her of her bikini bottoms and flips her facedown, taking the bottoms as a trophy for her efforts. A final pose sees Lia plant a foot on the exhausted Sage’s lower back and parting words before making her exit. We get a final pan over the premiere jobber at SKW preceding a fade to black.

Sleeperhold KOs
Neck snaps
Single leg hook 20-count pins w/ belly punching
Belly punching
Wall splashes KO
Belly splashes KO w/ spit take
Seated leg drops KO
Lifting bearhug KO
Tombstone piledriver KO
Convulsing spit take
Choke out w/ bra KO
Grape grind KO
Gag w/ bra
Instant replays
Derri “air” KO pose
Eye rolling
Tongue protrusion
Victory poses
Limb checks


Length: 32 min
Price: 31.99