(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We open with Sapphire complaining about her last match to Sleeperkid, claiming she has nightmares about it and that she wants a rematch against him. Sleeperkid informs her that she can get a rematch if she defeats her next opponent… just as Tiny tiptoes into the ring.  As Sapphire continues jaw-jacking, Tiny silently sneaks up behind her, and Sleeperkid informs her that her next opponent is right behind her.  Sapphire spins and is shocked to see Tiny towering over her.  Reluctantly she accepts the terms, and suddenly unloads a series of belly punches into Tiny’s thick abdomen.  Tiny no-sells the flurry, yawning in boredom, then grabs Sapphire by the throat, lifting her high into the air, letting her dangle by the neck for a long time before choke-slamming her to the mat.

Stunned, Sapphire twitches and moans on the ground before Tiny pulls her into a sitting position, playing with her slack face before slapping her back to consciousness.  Lifting her by the hair, he hauls her high once again by the throat, choking her in mid-air before sending her crashing down to the mat once more. He slides over her for a pinfall, as Sleeperkid counts to nine before Sapphire kicks out.

The champ is winded and stunned as Tiny grabs her by the throat once again, hauling her to her feet, then sending her crashing into the nearby wall, unloading thunderous fists into her vulnerable belly.  The punishment continues with belly clawing,  which makes her catatonic, but she manages to avoid passing out entirely. Tiny drags her to the center of the mat and walks over her belly, his full weight crushing her  then lifts her onto his shoulders for a brutal torture rack.  She dangles high in the air, yowling in pain, but refuses to submit.  Tiny cinches in the hold, grabbing her face as her eyes cross in pain before going more and more limp

Dumping her to the ground, Tiny further punishes the amazon, pulling her into a camel clutch, a brutal bearhug, a crushing pedigree, a devastating piledriver, face smothering, a powerbomb that lays her flat, belly stomping her while she’s down, pressing his full weight into her stomach, a cradle pile-driver, two-handed lifted choke, hauling her over his shoulder then spinning her for a tombstone piledriver, clawing her thighs as Sapphire refuses to give up the fight.  Finally Tiny  hits her with a series of belly splashes, another pedigree complete with brutal wedgie, clawing her belly to bring her around, and at last the Tiny Special!  Sapphire sprawls on the mat, out cold, as Tiny folds her over for a but-in the air ten-count pinfall, picking up yet another victory for the gentle giant.  Tiny then hauls her over his shoulder, carrying her off for a trip to the hospital.

Choke Slams
Belly Punching
Squash Match
Eye Crossing
Camel Clutch
Belly Stomping
Belly Walking
Torture Rack
Bear Hug
Cradle PileDriver
Tombstone Piledriver
Pile Driver
Body Splash
Tiny Special


Length: 32 mins

Price: 29.99


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