(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



This video begins with Eden stretching out provocatively, wearing a black sports-bra and yoga shorts. Limbered up, she gives an interview explaining how Tiny been destroying all of her friends, so she wants to put him in his place.  Ducking out as a fired-up Tiny arrives, detailing how he has destroyed everyone in SKW, everyone except… one. Literally climbing the walls in anticipation, he gets blind-sided as Eden rushes in from behind, firing an uppercut between Tiny’s trunk-like thighs.  Caught off-guard he doubles over, giving Eden the chance to slap him into a modified side-sleeper-hold.  Tiny struggles and gasps as Eden gloats, only to straighten into a standing one-armed side-lift, spinning Eden in the air before driving her down into a knee-press back-breaker. Tiny applies the pressure to Eden’s knees and jaw, her back bowing horribly over his knee.  Eden’s eyes flutter and roll as she bends further and further until she passes out.  Not satisfied, tiny hauls her to her feet, wrapping her into a sleeper-hold, lifting her for good measure. Eden’s eyes roll and flutter as she begs, but Tiny cinches in until her arms can only swing limply, passing out as she sways in the air. Tiny dumps her on the mat, but Tiny has only begun, peeling off Eden’s’ shorts and sports bra to reveal her black thong bottoms and bra, lifting Eden back to her feet to strangle her with her own clothing. Eden’s eyes up and roll as she gasps and gags, pleading with Tiny to end it, but Tiny is having none of it, tightening the strangle-hold in until Eden dangles limply by the neck. He releases her only to coil a massive reverse Bearhug around her ribs, swinging her drooping body in the air.  Figuring it might be best to see if they could “just hug it out”, Tiny spins her then hauls her spasming body into the air in a single-arm bear-hug, her lifeless body flopping ever time her cinches the hold in tighter. Finally deposited on the mat, Eden endures some unconscious limp-play before she comes around, begging Tiny to stop as he towers over her.  His alternative is to yank her to her feet only to haul her into the air for a power-bomb, giving her a stroll around the mat to give her a moment to beg before he drives her back and neck into the mat, her brunette hair flying as her head rocks, eyes fluttering back into her head before she goes limp. Tiny plucks her up in a fireman’s carry, letting her arms and legs swing as he parades her lifeless body around, only to fold her over and flip her up for yet another power bomb, the terrified Eden popping back to life to plead and beg again, with the same disastrous results, laid out unconscious on the mat after being driven shoulder-first into it.  Tiny stalks her, patting her cheeks until she wakes, screaming as he hauls her over his massive shoulders in a torture-rack, bouncing her for good measure, her back bowing and her legs flailing.  Has Eden’s plan gone awry? Or does she have a trick up her sleeve?

Torture Rack
Gorilla Press
Gut Buster
Sleeper Hold
Eye Crossing
Eye Rolling
Multiple Knockouts
Rag Doll
Single Shoulder Torture rack
Limp Play
Single Arm Bear Hug
Bear Hug
Back Busters
Knee Press Back Breakers
Low Blow
Running Away
Thong Panties
Sports Bra
Running Shorts
Toe Stomp
Male Dom
Fist Press Back Breaker
Body Slams
Power Slams
Wall Lift Choking
Finger Stomp
Rib Crush Lift
Choke Slams
Belly Busters
Neck Lift Choking
Over The Shoulder Carrying
Fireman’s Carrying
Tiny Special Press
Tombstone Pile Driver
Ten Count Pin
Trophy Lift
Winner: TINY


Length: 40 min

Price: 27.99