Riley Reyes has come to SKW to take on fan favorite Sumiko! Before the match begins, Sleeperkid asks the ladies how they think the match is going to go. Sumiko is, of course, uber confident that the match will go in her favor. The Asian beauty is also suspicious of Riley’s previous industry history…which includes a rather risqué resume. Sumiko want to know what exactly Riley is doing on wrestling mats? Riley, in turn, tells Sumiko how sexy she looks in her tiny bikini. She goes on to tell Sumiko that she’s going to enjoy having ‘fun’ with her after she knocks her out. Clearly taken aback, Sumiko gruffly denies that ANYTHING less than professional will be happening during the match….to which Riley chuckles. Sleeperkid tells the girl it’s time to begin their multi falls match. Sumiko starts out strong and gains the first two falls. You can only imagine how surprised she was when Riley turns the table and takes the offensive position! Riley eagerly delivers her revenge in a variety of ways, much to Sumiko’s dismay. After winning the decision round, Riley has a bit of fun (as promised!) for her victory pose….by exhibiting a hog tied Sumiko for all to see. After her victory pose, Riley administers a foot smother to the bound Sumiko.


Belly punch
Hammer fist
Elbow drop
Leg drops
Dragon sleeper
Limp body checks/manipulation
10 count pins
Double neck chop
Figure four head scissors
Mounted front sleeper
Low blow
Foot smother
Double foot smother
Bonzai drop
Hand over mouth smother
Split style 10 count pins
School girl pin
Sleeper hold
Leg split choke
Bound foot smother



Length: 22 min

Price: 17.99