(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Monroe is looking to get some payback for how dirty Macy Nikole managed to do her sister, Layla. The girls appeal to the camera showing off their assets before meeting up on the mats. A shove from Macy sets off the brawl and Monroe rebuttals with a hook to Macy’s jaw. Macy responds with a kick to Monroe’s face, who happens to rebound with a belly punch and uppercut that floors Macy. Monroe pursues with a series of mounted punches that seemingly put Macy on the ropes, but she comes back with a debilitating low blow for Monroe. Macy pounces with a breast smother that takes out Monroe and uses her susceptible position to pin her to the mats for a 10-count. Macy teases her fallen adversary with spicy words and a kiss before planting a foot to her face and flexing in a win pose.

Monroe comes to her senses and Macy invites her to take a shot. The girls tie up and Macy forces Monroe against the wall for a set of belly blows. A stunned Monroe ends up on the receiving end of a cartwheeling backsplash that lays her out face down. Macy transitions to reverse headscissor, then a reverse figure-four headscissor to put Monroe soundly to sleep. A foot-to-face victory pose doubles as a 10-count pin.

Macy plants a few smooches on Monroe before a stomp to the face wakes her. Monroe ends up trapped in a frontal headscissor that saps her strength, then is flipped into a frontal facesit. Monroe scrounges around to break the hold, however Macy’s pressure is too much for her. She goes out cold, buried in Macy’s snatch and left to endure Macy gyrating on her face as well as a 10-count pin. Macy’s dominance continues as she sits on Monroe’s back and digs her soles into Monroe’s face for a smothering knockout. Macy gets another 10-count by flipping Monroe over and sitting on her waist and burying her soles into her face.

A belly stomp jars Monroe awake, then Macy forces her back to the mats for more punishing holds. A reverse facesit is planted onto Monroe’s face, sending her into a panicked flail as she’s powerless to combat the smother. She’s worn to senselessness from Macy’s cheeks and Macy finishes her onslaught with a foot-to-face 10-count pin. For good measure she sits atop Monroe once more and stuff her toes into the mouth of a fallen Monroe. Similar to how she did Layla, Macy lies on top of the defeated Monroe, planting endless smooches on her comatose face in a moment of blatant superiority.

Face punches
Face kicks
Mounted punches
Low blow
Breast smother KO
10-count mounted pin
Belly punching
Cartwheel back splash KO
Reverse headscissor
Reverse figure-four headscissor KO
Face stomp
Frontal headscissor
Prolonged frontal facesitting KO
10-count frontal facesitting pin
Back-sitting foot smother KO
10-count waist-sitting foot smother pin
Belly stomp
Reverse facesitting KO
10-count foot smother pin
Forced foot worship
Win poses
Foot-to-face victory poses
Trash talk
Instant replay


Length: 16 min
Price: 15.99