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(this match was taped several years ago and does not reflect the Helena’s current availability)

Devon and Helena are at SKW for a special no holds barred, sleeper holds only match. The wrestler with the most sleepers at the end of the time limit will be announced the winner. Both Helena and Devon agree to the rules, and SK calls for a start.

Devon and Helena lock up and struggle. Devon quickly gets Helena into a kimura joint lock, which she transitions to and over the knee back breaker. She lets Helena go after adding some belly punching to the back breaker. Devon applies the first sleeper of the match and gains the first point, to boot.

Helena and Devon fight almost point for point in this sleeper challenge, using other holds as well to weaken one another. After each sleeper knock out, they write a point for themselves on the point board on the wall.

After several knock outs on both ladies sides of the board, Devon decides to be sneaky. Helena is unassuming and under the impression that Devon is out in front of her. Devon isn’t out, in fact, and leaps up to toss a sleeper on Helena. Helena is too caught by surprise to put up much of a defense, and she slowly goes out. SK announces that it’s currently 4-2 in Devon’s favor, but Devon isn’t done yet. She wants to get in one more sleeper before the times up! The match ends with Devon victory posing after her 5-2 win over Helena.


over the knee back breaker
belly punching
belly stomps
belly elbow drive
belly splashes
figure four head scissors
low blow punch
single leg crab
baby swing
leg nelson
head lock
boston crab
snap mare
leg drops to groin
belly kicks
groin stomp
limp body checks
victory pose


Length:  14 min

Price: 11.99