(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



Newcomer Karly Salinas is debuting for SKW, and is very excited to finally get to compete.  Wearing a shiny blue tiny bikini, Karly tells us she’s getting ready for a championship match against Sapphire, but wants to get some training in before the big bout.  As she’s being told that the person originally slated to train her is running a bit late, Tiny sneaks in behind her, stalking the lithe beauty during her interview.  With a “subtle” tap to the shoulder, Karly turns around to find herself in a choke grip from the masked mountain!  Tiny has been trying to set up a match against Sapphire for months and is none too pleased to find himself edged out by a fresh faced rookie.  Tiny wants to send a message to Sapphire and is only too willing to use Karly to send it.  Yanking her close he hauls her high into the air, walking her around, and then plants her with a devastating Choke Slam.  Training has begun.
Tiny indulges a little Limp Play on the stunned seductress, before yanking her to her knees by the hair, intent on making Sapphire pay attention to what he’s about to do to his newfound prey.  Pulling her to her feet, he whips her into the wall before firing a huge fist into her exposed belly, driving the air from her lungs, making her gasp and cough.  Another whip into the wall and a series of running Knee Lifts further punishes Karly belly, sending her crashing to the mat, knocked out.  Tiny is nowhere near done, though, and pulls her by the ankles to the center of the mat, wrapping his meat-hooks around her head, fish-hooking her mouth and wrenching his thumbs into her eyes as Karly whimpers and pleads, gasping as her eyes roll and cross.  Showing zero mercy for the bombastic brunette, Tiny presses in hands to her temples, vice-gripping her skull, making her thrash and struggle weakly as her eyes flutter, finally closing as she collapses in his grip, unconscious.
Tiny brings her around by stepping on her fingers, pressing his weight down until she’s thrashing and gasping, then pulls her back up by the hair, tossing her across his broad shoulders for a tormenting Torture Rack, bowing her spine and bouncing her helpless body, while Karly can only whimper and struggle, quickly passing out again from the pain.  He dumps her back onto the mat, enjoying the sight of her body twitching and spasming from the punishment.  Tiny, however, doesn’t feel his point has been proven, rolling Karly onto her back, then revving up to deliver a devastating set of Belly Splashes.  Karly can only convulse unconsciously, her eyes never opening, left twitching on the mat.
Tiny wraps his mitts around her throat and hauls her high into the air for his patented Mile High Choke, as Karly’s eyes bulge and cross, sputtering for air as she’s held high, until her lids flutter shut yet again.  Tiny presses the assault, dumping her to the mat, then delivering a thunderous belly stomp, then yanking her to her feet by the throat with a single handed choke hold.  Karly can only dangle in his grip, fighting for breath before her bulging, crossed eyes once again flutter shut.  When Tiny finally releases her she collapses in a  humiliating ass-up heap on the mat, perfectly positioned for a victory pose.
Tiny feasts on his new toy, punishing her with heart punches, head vices, head claws, Crippler Cross-faces, body splashes, pile drivers and cradle pile drivers, as Karly finds herself rag-dolled by the brutal behemoth.  Is Karly done before she begins?  Will Tiny see his example see fruit?
Rag Doll
Pile Drivers
Head Vices
Skull Press
Trap Claw
Belly Splashes
Choke Slams
Cobra Clutch
Torture Rack
Tiny Special
Tombstone PileDriver
Over the Shoulder Carry
Limp Play
Belly Punching
Running Knee Lifts
Fish Hook
Mile High Choke
Choke Holds
Eye Rolling
Eye Crossing
Squash Match

Length: 27 min

Price: 22.99