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From the SKW Vaults: Cameron is dragged into the dreaded dungeon to endure a brutal three-on-one beat down as Jax and Anne-Marie torture her for boss Rain. Interrogation is the theme as Cameron endure triple leg-scissors, belly kicking, belly punching, and figure four chin locks.  Woozy but still conscious, Cameron is then subjected to Hurricanranas, stunners, sleeper holds and triple team belly punching. All is not lost as Cameron reverses her fortunes on the triple team attack, slamming the girls into each other.  Belly slapping, group bear hugs double leg scissors combine with sleeper holds see the group writhing and struggling, gasping for breath and crossing eyes before each is treated to brutal belly punching, double belly kicking and each their own unique devastating pile-driver. Sometimes even when you have the numbers you still end up coming up short.

Three on One
Fem Dom
One Piece
Belly Punching
Leg Scissors
Chin Locks
Sleeper Holds
Triple Bear Hug
Belly Stomping
Belly Kicking
Regular Piledriver
Tombstone Piledriver
Small Package Piledriver

In the second featurette starring Rain… Rain and Kelly are set to take on veterans Jax and Anne-Marie in this tag team match.  After a bit of trash talking, the bikinied rookies are quickly set upon by the one-piece wearing vets, who jump them from behind before slapping on a pair of twin sleeper holds.  Wearing the girls down until they are out, they then switch to belly stomps and suplexes, before riding the newcomers with twin camel clutches and crushing bear hugs.  Not the welcome our rookies had in mind in the squash match as they’re subjected to dual Boston Crabs, belly punching and several brutal tag team kicks to the faces before they are finally mercifully pinned.  Welcome to how things are done in SKW, girls!

Squash Match
Sleeper Holds
Camel Clutch
Bear Hugs
Belly Punching
Boston Crabs
Double Pins


Length: 26 mins
Price: 18.99