We fade in to SK and Isobel standing back to back on the mats, with Isobel decked out in pro gear right down to the boots. We hear Jacquelyn Velvets from behind the camera explaining that today’s bout will be a special points only event, allowing only sleeper holds and pile drivers to obtain those points. Isobel and SK nod as Jacquelyn wraps up the rules. Miss Velvets asks if the two are ready to go, and then it’s on!

They lock up and struggle back and forth a bit before Isobel pulls SK into a side headlock. SK struggles against her grip around his neck, but he can’t seem to free himself. Noticing that his current tactic wasn’t working, SK switches things up and slams his elbow into Isobel’s unexpecting abs. She releases her grip as SK slams a fist into her mid-section and pulls her in to a pile driver. Isobel is out, and the first point goes to SK!

The match continues with SK taking total control of Isobel, knocking her out again and again as he racks up the points. Although the rules are clear that piledrivers and sleepers are the only points valued holds, SK still utilizing an assortment of tactics to wear Isobel down. After each KO SK slams out a 3 count pin before waking Isobel up in a variety of brutal ways. Isobel isn’t even allowed time to get back to her feet before SK is on to his next attack, leaving her in the role of destroyed jobber.

At one point Isobel is able to kick out of a pin attempt following a KO, which perturbs the hell out of SK. Angry that Isobel had enough strength left to mount a feeble defense, he pulls her to her feet by her hair and orders her to look into the camera and state that she’s a loser. Isobel has her wits about her enough to tell the camera that SK is the loser, which further angers him.

SK tells the camera that it’s time to end the match. He forcefully spins Isobel into a tombstone piledriver, where she meets the mats one last time, head first. SK does a 10 count pin to call the match before standing and victory posing over the beautiful fallen Isobel.


sleeper hold

tombstone piledriver


belly punches

boston crab

belly stomps

back stomps

figure four leg lock

leg breaker

side headlock

hair dragging

limp body checks

single leg pin

victory pose


Length: 11 min

Price: 7.99