(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Senseless and exposed lies Emma Ray in the middle of the mats in a derri “air” pose. The Machine finds himself in the mat room with the schoolgirl jobber and tests her limp figure with a limb check. He decides to do some investigating of his own and rips Emma up by the hair, stirring her awake. He inquires who she is and why she’s here and she groggily divulges on both questions. As Emma confesses that it’s of Tiny’s doing, he grows a tad resentful as he didn’t get to partake in the un and of Tiny’s reputation. Some clever gaslighting gets Emma to partake in another round of jobbing and the Machine presses her against the wall.

Belly punches and knees tear into Emma’s exposed belly causing her to cry out in pain as she pants. The machine repositions and embarrasses her further by hiking her skirt, and delivering belly punches that double her over to the delight of onlookers. He spins her around and administers a series of hair-clutching face punches. Emma’s vision goes hazier as she drops to her knees and the Machine coaxes her to look up. A knee to the chin lays her out for the first KO. Emma is then led to her knees by the hair and forced to withstand another dose of knockout knees to the face. The machine indulges in some limp play then enters a single leg hook pin, but cuts it short. He gets Emma to her feet then cracks into her lower back with a kidney punch. Emma staggers around from the blow, then completely collapses face down from the delayed effects. Emma’s flipped and pinned with a two-handed press pin, but the Machine disrupts the count with a faked shoulder up.

The machine hoists Emma to a stand as she struggles to keep her footing. A jumping elbow to the back of the head utterly cleans her clock and drops her to her knees before she splats face down. Emma receives more limp play before the Machine mounts and alerts her with hair pulling. Punch after punch crosses Emma’s face and she’s struck back to the mats till KO. An undertaker pin is interrupted and the Machine lifts her by the hair for more. A rippling shot strikes Emma’s chest cavity as a heart punch shocks her system. She splats backward and ends up violently convulsing before the Machine’s second heart punch relieves her suffering. A feigned double leg hook pin is succeeded by a hair pull upright. The Machine bids adieu to her consciousness before discharging a massive headbutt that floors her for the knockout. The machine goes for a finger to chest pin, but Emma’s miraculous streak of kickouts continues.

Emma’s brought to the wall and walloped with huge knees to the groin. Emma clutches herself, moaning in pain before the Machine whips her to the canvas. Sounding slaps to the cheeks stir Emma awake and she’s scooped for a planting body slam. The pain continues with a two-handed belly claw. She suffers another back-shattering body slam and he pursues with a camel clutch plus hair-pulling submission. The Machine questions her whether this beatdown competes with Tiny’s and he breaks the hold in frustration. Next, a half boston crab with pulling submission is applied and Emma verbally submits as she struggles to tap out. She gets a brief rest then ends up in a rear headscissor with more hair pulling. The intense pain erodes Emma of her vigor and she goes limp in the hold. After a quick deliberation of the next move, the Machine stands on her hair as he gets a strong grasp on her wrists. He yanks her upward for a heel-tastic hair pull and Emma cries in defeat.

The Machine’s rough holds continue as he steps on her hands and yanks her by the hair. The Machine questions again as to whether his pummeling matches Tiny’s and she hesitantly denies it. Her answer rewards her with a sleeperhold that leaves her faintly flailing into a KO. She remains lax to the limp play. She endures a single hand smother with hair pulling and it soundly sent to sleep. The Machine’s folding matchbook pin is cut early, then he establishes dominance with a knee to the throat as she lies weakly. She scrambles in the chokehold and the Machine dials it up with a hair pull that drives her to a KO. The Machine sets her to become a twitching heap as he sets up the stool and sets her on top of it. He gets Emma on top of his shoulders and plunges her into the mats with a powerbomb KO. Emma arches and twitches from the pain in her lower back before ceasing all movement. The impacts continue with a blow to the stomach to expose Emma juice rear and she’s lifted then spiked into the mats with a piledriver. She’s flipped and writhes in pain before lying beaten.

The Machine rigs it for Emma to overcome the fabricated limb check and he flips her upside down for a tombstone piledriver. She’s driven to the mats head first and lies in a muddled mess as twitching precedes the KO. The vertical drops proceed as Emma suffers a small package piledriver that curls and crunches her into the mats to leave her softly writhing as she blacks out. The Machine doesn’t let up as his unsuccessful two-handed press pin and followed by a plunging fire thunder driver. Emma’s lightly spasms as the heel lies atop her midriff. The Machine decides it’s finally time for a bit of mercy as he curls her up into a leg locking matchbook pin with a single handed choke for the knockout. A 10-count pin declares him the victor of the trouncing. The Machine questions her once more as to who the superior heel is and Emma grants him the title. She’s rewarded with a second tombstone piledriver, emitting soft whimpers as the agonizing sensation wears her down.

The Machine grabs a set of ties from the back. Emma’s wrists are bound and her mouth is gagged as the Machine declares her as his trophy. He gives her a bonus with a multitude of face punches as she remains tied and helpless. With Emma clocked to unconsciousness, the Machine lifts her over the shoulder with a menacing laugh and light spanks before heading out with his spoils.

Belly strikes
Knees to face KOs
Kidney punch KO
Elbow to head KO
Mounted face punches KO
Heart punches KO
Headbutt KO
Knees to groin KO
Body slams
Belly claw
Camel clutch w/ hair pulling KO
Half boston crab w/ hair pulling KO
Read headscissor w/ hair pulling KO
Hair-stomping arm pull
Hand-stomping hair pull
Sleeperhold KO
Hand smother KO
Knee choke w/ hair pulling KO
Powerbomb KO
Piledriver KO
Tombstone piledriver KOs
Small package piledriver KO
Fire thunder driver KO
Leg locking matchbook w/ choking KO
10-count leg locking matchbook pin
Face punches KO
Over-the-shoulder carry
Assorted feigned pins
Derri “air” KO pose
Limb checks
Light spanking
Instant replay


Length: 30 min
Price: 28.99