(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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BLONDI vs TINY match 1

Massive beauty, Blondi paces about the mats agitated that her opponent hasn’t shown up yet. Knowing that her opponent is named “Tiny” she shrugs it off as a small match, but getting the win will be no small feat. Everyone’s favorite titan shows up behind the freshly arrived amazon with a shoulder tap and introduces himself. The pair trade stinging remarks before the start of the match and they size each other up. They tie up in a test of strength and Blondi manages to get the best of Tiny as she forces him to his knees and wraps both hands around his throat. Blondi taunts the massive man as she nearly chokes the life out of him, then he battles back with a huge belly shot to break the hold. The blow nearly gets Blondi to regurgitate and Tiny performs a two-handed choke that forces Blondi against the wall. Tiny shows his might by transitioning to a two-handed throat lift that squeezes all the fight out of Blondi and sends her limp form to the mats.

Another two-handed choke rudely awakens Blondi from her nap and brings her to a stand. Tiny brings her to the wall for another folding gut shot before delivering gigantic running wall splashes that leave Blondi out of her feet. The doll-faced amazon is lifted for a victorious OTS carry, then positioned for more of Tiny’s violation. Blondi awakens to a sit and her looming predator closes in with a sleeperhold. Blondi rustles around in the hold, but is no match for the beast’s grasp. Tiny uses sneaky limb check tactics as an excuse to apply an even tighter chokehold causing Blondi to drool in submission as her toes twitch. Blondi gets a moment’s rest before Tiny follows up with a hair lift into a dizzying face punch. A groggy Blondi is put down with a staggering stunner and Tiny’s aggressive trash talk. Blondi is set up and receives a big winding uppercut to put her lights out.

In heelish fashion, Tiny pulls Blondi up by the air and aims for the ribs with a rib-crushing lifting bearhug. The vigor is squeezed from Blondi till she’s a ragdoll dangling unto him for support. Tiny then scores a 10-count single leg hook pin as Blondi twitches during the fall. Tiny gets the W vs. the new girl, is declared the winner, and gets an OTS carry for quite possibly his most sizable trophy yet.

Test of strength
Two-handed chokes
Belly punching
Two-handed throat lift KO
Running wall splashes KO
Over-the-shoulder carries
Sleeperhold KO
Stunner KO
Face punch KOs
Lifting bearhug KO
10-count single leg hook pin
Victory poses
Limb checks

BLONDI vs TINY match 2

Tiny stands reared and ready on the mats as SK gives a brief interview about his recent encounter with the leggy Blondi. As he cuts a mean promo, Blondi creeps up from behind and applies a sleeperhold to the big man with her own brand of ferociousness. She wears Tiny down with an oxygen-cutting sleeper while making her presence known and the following limb check confirms the KO for Blondi. A few body stomps are administered to Tiny and Blondi pursues with a reverse headscissor. Blondi enjoys the dominant position and berating she bestows on the tall terror and after enough squeezing she gets her 2nd knockout.

A few more stomps wake Tiny from his nap and Blondi opts for a frontal facesitting submission. The sizable amazon manages to be too much for the heel as he can’t break free before it’s lights out. Blondi takes her chance for a pin and scores a 10-count single leg hook to grant her the first pinfall of the match. Blondi then hits a win pose before a post-match interview with SK, but taking her sights off the giant costs her as he recovers and strikes her from behind with a low blow. Blondi lurches about until the overwhelming pain sends her to dreamland and Tiny goes in for more.

A one-handed throat lift pulls Blondi up from the mats and she’sl hurled into the air before being sent downward with a crashing chokeslam KO. A hair pull takes Blondi out of her comfort zone and Tiny shows his hulking strength by tipping Blondi upside down and spiking her with a tombstone piledriver KO. Blondi convulses from the dangerous maneuver as she remains limp to limb checks. Belly stomps shock Blondi from a rest and Tiny yanks her up with another throat lift. This time a Tiny special gives Blondi a helicopter twirl before the deadliest finisher sprawls her out into twitches and eventual drooling. Tiny staves off any requests for a rematch as SK seeks aid for the wasted Blondi. Something tells us this isn’t over as Blondi awakens on her own with her sights set on getting her just desserts.

Sleeperhold KO
Reverse headscissor KO
Frontal facesitting KO
10-count single leg hook pin
Victory pose
Low blow KO
Single-hand throat lift
Chokeslam KO
Tombstone piledriver
Tiny special KO
Eye checks
Limb checks
Twitching / convulsing


Length: 26 min
Price: 26.99