(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Ama Rio and Lee Von Lux already start off scorching as we’re presented with two empresses stretching and warming up in their hot unmentionables before the clash. They meet in the middle and Ama makes it known she’s looking for some payback for the ass kicking Lee put on Indica. Lee’s confidence shines as belittles her previous competition and mentions how Ama would look in the same compromising positions. Ama doesn’t take her shit and takes with a right that sends Lee into the wall. Ama pops off and the fire visually builds in Lee, stoking her to land a right that rocks Ama into the opposing wall. Ama returns fire with a frontal face kick that staggers Lee back and taunts her. Lee returns with a face kick and verbal snaps of her own. Ama charges in and the girls lock up hand to hand.

The heated struggle roars through their test of strength and Lee breaks up with a cunt punt that drops Ama to her knees. She follows up with a reverse headscissor, mashing Ama’s throat between her quads, who remains ferocious and vigilant as the fight is squeezed out of her. Lee’s glutes quake from Ama’s prodding hands and the all-powerful submission slowly drains her life. Once Ama is limp, Lee checks the limbs and hits a disrespectful foot-to-face victory pose with a bit of berating.

Ama recovers and the ladies briefly heckle each other. Lee goes for a right hook that Ama ducks and retaliates with a rib-squeezing bearhug. Lee’s energy fades and Ama constricts tightly while firing off at the mouth. The enervated Lee and drug down to the mats and Ama keeps the hug nice and tight turning Lee into a feeble and whimpering doll. Ama transitions into a seated sleeperhold to which Lee lacks the strength to fight out of, moaning at the feel of Ama’s power. Amazingly, Lee fights through the limb check and Ama is pleased to continue with the beatdown. A depleted Lee finds herself victim to Ama’s waist-sitting feet smother, pinning her down as she’s forced to worship glistening soles as she’s asphyxiated. Lee’s left as a spread-eagled jobber and Ama presses her sole to Lee’s face while flexing as this round’s winner.

Lee recollects herself and is disgusted at how she was taken out. They trade more cutting words and engage in a heated tie up. Ama takes control with a headlock, teasing Lee as she’s having a hard time breaking the hold. The bullying submission takes Lee down to the floor and Ama keeps the lock nice and snug. Lee is exhausted from the chokehold and constant writhing while Ama presses her titty against her face. Before Lee can shake the stupor, Ama’s legs are wrapped around her neck for a side headscissor. Lee grows drowsy by the second as Ama chokes and chastises her, then Ama slips downstairs for a bodyscissor that squeezes tons of air from her midsection. Ama’s natural domme shines as she moves into a reverse facesit and Lee is already spent. The writhing jobber is smothered till her soft moans are no longer and Ama mushes her foot against her face for a degrading win pose.

Lee awakes for another round and is ready to stop with the fun and games. The girls enter a standoff as to who will strike first and Ama does the honors with a cunt punt that lifts Lee off her feet. Ama proceeds with a frontal headlock and Lee quickly reverses with a crotch claw that sends Ama to the mats. Lee mounts Ama, climbing onto her back and smushing her face into her soles for a rather tormenting submission. Ama wriggles around as best she can, but she has no hope for escape as Lee’s control is too great, then she’s out cold. Lee eliminates any chance of possum play with 3 double ax handle smashes to Ama’s head preceding a sinister giggle. Lee then rolls Ama onto her back and mounts her face for a 10-count frontal facesitting pin. Lee is back on top with her foot to Ama’s face as she gets the victory pose for this round.

The ladies are upright, but Ama isn’t ready considering the hurt Lee just put on her. A neutral start is ignored as Lee forces her to the mats and cinches a sleeperhold across her throat. A weary Ama is taken out as she can barely withstand the submission and Lee resumes her position on top. A reverse facesit engulfs Ama and her muffled moans fall on deaf ears. No amount of struggle can free her from Lee’s succulent peach. After making quick work of Ama, Lee performs a 10-count foot-to-face victory pose pin, then adds insult to injury with an even more humiliating pose. Ama ends up face down with Lee’s toes stuffed in her mouth. With the demeaning pose held, Lee shows off the guns while imagining just how satisfactory it’ll be when Indica gets news of her most recent W.

Face punches
Face kicks
Test of strength
Cunt punts
Reverse headscissor
Figure-four headscissor KO
Grounded bearhug
Sleeperhold KOs
Waist-sitting double foot smother KO
Headlock takedown
Side headscissor
Reverse facesitting KOs
Groin claw
Back-sitting foot smother KO
Double ax handle blows KO
10-count frontal facesitting pin
Foot gag victory pose
Foot on face victory poses
Limb checks
Trash talk


Length: 22 min
Price: 21.99