(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Before us stands Bat Tracy (Tracy Jordan) receiving a debriefing of a mission to hinder a few would-be bank robbers (Ashley Edmonds, Evangeline Von Winter, and Caroline Pierce) before they execute their plans. Tracy enters a simulation to prepare for the real deal and the protection of Posterity.

The three temptresses rendezvous in their hotel room circled around a duffel bag filled with the spoils of their efforts. The ladies rejoice at their haul of two million and plan to remain low key until the heat dies down.

Tracy stealthily makes her way down the halls as she heads to the trio’s hideaway. A clear coast gives her easy entry through the front door and she spots Caroline downing a celebratory bottle of champagne. It seems Caroline has delved a bit too far into the drink as she doesn’t realize she’s flying solo, giving Tracy the easy safe window to apply a sleeperhold from the rear. Caroline lacks the strength to free herself and ends up a sleepy siren. Tracy checks an unresponsive Caroline and is tempted by the bottle spirits. She strolls off, but the temptations of the drink are too strong and she helps herself, then off she goes to scout the other baddies.

Ashley is spotted on the phone with the head of her operation and is brazenly interrupted by Tracy’s sleeperhold. Ashley’s vulnerable positioning gives Tracy all she needs to easily choke her out, plus send a message of forewarning to the boss. Ashley’s left slumped on the desktop and Tracy goes in search of the third bandita.

Evangeline treats herself to a bottle of wine and Tracy staggers in, clearly buzzed off the grapes. She playfully but assertively forces a sleeperhold onto Evangeline. The influence doesn’t help Evangaline as she can’t escape the stranglehold. Tracy chokes her into a limp stupor and celebrates with another guzzle of the bottle.

The next scenario sees the three delinquents regroup in their hotel room and Tracy has a perfect vantage point to take them all out with her tranquilizer pistol. Tracy’s an ace shot as she hits three for three, dropping them with perfect accuracy. A final piercing shot assures they get a stronger dosage and a deeper sleep to be safely put away. Tracy then places a foot on the body pile and poses victoriously.

The situation gets a bit steamy as the ladies enter a three-way makeout session and make plans for their future. Their sense of lust pulls them back for more kisses and Tracy uses the distraction to plug each girl with a tranq dart. Tracy walks up and administers another dosage with a piercing shot, then ensures they’re anesthetized. Pleased by her work she heads out in anticipation of the next exercise.

Tracy gets her mits on some boxing gloves and uses them to lay waste to the mistresses. One by one Tracy delivers straight rights to the girls before delivering a knockout uppercut that sprawls them on the bed.

The banditas in the simulation begin to become sentient as they realize they’re being reset and KO’d again and again. In the middle of their hot three-way smooching, Tracy stumbles in, plastered from the swigging of the distilled goodness. She crashes their party, giving into the enticement of their intimacy. The trio swoon over Tracy, caressing her thick figure and getting her in the mood. Right as her guard fully drops, they apply a triple nerve hold, knocking Tracy unconscious and using her as their play toy.

Tracy is groped, stripped of her outerwear, and worshiped. Ashley applies pressure to her crotch, stimulating her from her comatose state. The beauties decide it’s time for some payback for Tracy’s series of KO’s. Caroline performs a reverse facesit, halting Tracy’s air and Ashley claws her crotch, dominating her to the point of a blackout. Ashley straddles her and sensually removes her mask to expose the superheroine before a trade of saliva. The arousal sparks Tracy back to life and Ashley applies her own reverse facesit. Enveloped in Ashley’s crotch, Tracy enters a frenzy before the submission squeezes her to sleep. They continue to toy with her limp form and Tracy eventually comes to. Evangeline takes her turn and locks Tracy into a frontal facesit. Tracy is powerless to resist as she goes out in the enthralling hold.

The three femmes deliver a goodnight kiss to Tracy and go back to pampering each other’s needs. A slight hiss enters the room as does the scent of knockout gas. By the time the girls sense it they’re already out as it takes its toll on their senses. Together, they go out cold and their night of sultry smooches comes to a close. The commissioner makes his way into the simulation and wakes Tracy from her slumber. She’s riddled with anxiety at the situation and quickly makes her way out of the hideaway. Whether she masked her desires from the boss or the buzz wore off we’ll never know, but we’re sure she’s ready to handle the crooks and save Posterity!

Sleeperhold KOs
Tranquilizer pistol triple KOs
Uppercut KOs
Triple shoulder pinch KO
Crotch claw
Reverse facesitting KOs
Front facesitting KO
Knockout gas KOs
Body worship
3-way makeouts
Body pile
Victory pose
Limb checks
Eye checks
Alternate takes


Length: 33 min
Price: 31.99