(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Jade Indica, Paula Diamonds, and Anne Marie have grouped up today to engage in a special potion-infused triple threat match where long 20-counts determine the winner. The girls set it off with 3 droplets of sedative to each of their tongues let the substance work its magic. The ladies quickly go from 100 to 10 as they’re suddenly plastered and fumbling about the mats. They come into contact, relying on one another for balance and they lean cheek to cheek. Their salivating tongues dangle as they drivel with deadened gazes. They moan in a helpless mental fog before finally collapsing into a twitchy body pile.

A short while later they’re a pack of bodies strewn across the mats in provocative positions and unresponsive to limb checks. The ladies slowly collect their marbles and Paula lags at the tail end. Anne captures Jade in a sleeperhold and slowly drains the fight from the feisty competitor. Jade persists as long as she can, clawing and gurgling as the choke exhausts her. Eventually her eyes roll back and she wilts, granting Anne the successful limb check. To ensure the deed is done, Anne crams harder with squeezing twists as the sleeperhold stays applied, draining whatever fight is left in Jade. Anne ups the intensity and squeezes tighter causing Jade to produce a spit take as she regurgitates into a knockout.

As Anne counts another limb check, Paula sneaks up from behind and applies a sleeper to Anne, giving Jade time to recover. Anne sits confined in Paula’s sleeperhold, powerlessly squirming as she’s put away. Paula offers the same punishment to Anne that Jade received in the form of a tighter cinch that squeezes the saliva straight from Anne’s mouth, pushing her to eye rolling convulsions. Paula goes first fall as she hooks Anne’s leg and beats her belly in with punches as she counts the pin. Before the pin can be finished, Jade jumps on the offensive and ambushes Paula with a sleeperhold. Paula suffers the same fate as she kicks and arches to be freed, but ends up a lifeless doll in Jade’s grasp.

Limb checks and twisting squeezes are dealt to a fallen Paula that leave her susceptible to the limb checks. With Paula ripe in her possession, Jade squeezes tightly on the trachea causing her adversary to spew fluids from the potent choking. With Jade occupied, Anne finds the perfect window to pounce, locking Jade in a sleeperhold which chains to Paula’s asphyxiation as well. Jade and Paula writhe and twitch in submission as their tongues dangle in froth from the strangulation. Anne gets the limb check off on Jade and tangles her with a leg locking matchbook pin. She punishes Jade with belly punches as she counts the compromising pin, pounding every iota of air from her stomach. Anne gets close to a successful pinfall, but Paula breaks it by duffing Anne in the face for a KO. Paula then crumbles in exhaustion, headbutting Jade in the groin, which chains to Anne as she knocks out.

Paula makes more attempts to rise, but the lack of energy makes her collapse to Jade’s groin which chains to Anne. With the girls seemingly depleted, SK counts to 10 resulting in the ladies recovering for the next round. The next time we see the ladies they’re wrapped in a chain of headscissors with Anne as the fortunate head. As Anne tenses on Jade, the pressure increases on Paula creating a nasty ripple of squeezing suffocations. When Jade and Paula seemingly KO, Anne tests their possum play with tightened squeezes spelling bedtime for the duo. Anne repositions them face downs and digs into pressure points on their necks to leave them humping the mats as they sensually moan in agony. She steps over and repeatedly yanks their panties up their groins for a dual wedgie KO. Jade finds herself on the end of seated leg drops from Anne granting us a glorious shot of Jade’s cameltoe. Paula eases behind Anne to get the upper hand, but she’s cut short as a KO blow leaves her snug below Jade’s thigh.

Anne lays down the law with a series of seated leg drops that chain to Jade, then to Paula. Paula manages to use the leg drop recoil to secure a headscissor on Anne, bringing her into the painful loop of neck scissors and leg drops. The near endless cycle of leg drops circles amongst each of the girls, driving the air from their lips as their throats are smushed. After countless leg drops, the ladies lie spent, then SK begins the count, but Paula quickly shakes out and sets her sights on Jade. SK hands the potion to Paula, who force feeds it to Jade, then secures a sleeperhold to squeeze it right back out of her. She drenches Paula’s arm in spittle as she’s choked to nothingness and Paula goes for the deciding limb check. Jade shows signs of life, but only gets punished further with tongue-protruding asphyxiation. The next limb check is successful and Paula gets the 20-count single hook belly punching pin she’s been fiending for.

Now it’s Anne’s turn as she’s force fed a dose of the potion and wrapped snugly in Paula’s seated sleeperhold. Anne receives the same treatment as Jade with a tongue-protruding sleeperhold. Anne doesn’t have enough left to survive the limb check and is tied up in Paula’s leg locking matchbook pin. Paula lays into her with belly punches as she counts to 20, Anne’s lips fluttering from each blow. The count is successful and Paula flexes over her rivals with great fatigue. Tempted by the wonderful taste of the potion and ready to fall out, Paula takes another swig and enters a convulsing and regurgitating fit, making a mess on herself and dropping to her knees. SK grips her jaw in one hand to get one last look at the enervated babe before she droops into a derri “air” pose on Jade’s belly.

Sedative drink KOs
Sleeperhold KOs
Twisting sleeperhold KOs
Sleeperhold w/ spit take KOs
20-count single leg hook pins w/ belly punching
Chain reaction sleeperhold KO
20-count leg locking matchbook pins w/ belly punching
Face punch KO
Chain reaction headbutts to groin KO
Frontal headscissor centipede KOs
Dual pressure point squeeze KO
Dual wedgies KO
Seated leg drops KO
Chain reaction leg drops
3-way continuous leg drops KO
Sedative force feeding
Victory pose
Mat grinding
Derri “air” KO poses
Limb checks
Eye rolling
Body pile
Tongue protrusion
Instant replays


Length: 48 min
Price: 41.99