(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The superstar lineup of Jane Indica, Catherine Foxx, Lia Labowe, and Amo Morbia meet up on the mats in their wrestling gear for the classic “Under The Influence” themed match. One girl will have to pin the other three to be declared the winner and they’re all eager to get to fisticuffs. They each get a swig of the drugged drink and things feel seemingly normal but the gradual effects kick in as the girls go from ecstatic to zombified. They use each other to keep balance as they become mindless, eye rolling, tongue protruding dames, then one by one they hit the mats hard in a twitchy 4-girl body pile. The ladies maintain bits of consciousness as they lie sprawled, but all end up KO’d and unresponsive to SK’s limb checks.

After a brief break we see the ladies laid out around the room in various poses. Amo is the first to barely collect herself as she goes on the offensive taking Lia by the neck for a sleeperhold. Lia’s unable to defend herself and is choked to a slumber before Amo score’s a 10-count leg hook pin against her. Catherine is next to suffer Amo’s wrath as she’s slept out cold and pinned to the mats by a writhing Jane. After Catherine’s pinfall, Jane makes an attempt to crawl away but is caught by a looming Amo. The sleeperhold is locked in on Jane, who exhibits extreme resistance as she holds on long enough for Lia to collect herself and interrupt Amo’s sleeper with one of her own. Catherine then collects herself and gets in on action by glomping the occupied Lia with a sleeperhold as well. We have a chain of sleeperholds occurring with Jane receiving the worst and Catherine with the advantage. The three receiving the strangle go night night and Catherine sits Jane up for a unique maneuver. A punt to the face splashes Jane backwards onto Amo, who splashes onto Lia. Catherine makes the cycle repeat a number of times before growing overly exhausted herself and passing out into the pile contributing to the cycle of splashes. The ladies end up passed out and twitching in each other’s laps until one can find consciousness.

Lia recovers from her blackout and places Amo in a side headscissor. Catherine collects herself and indulges in the scissor action by trapping Lia in her’s. Jane joins in on the fun trapping Catherine in her own headscissor and Amo completes the chain by locking Jane in her side headscissor. The 4-way headscissor leads to a war of attrition between the ladies with each of them fighting to come out on top. The beauties go out, conked between each other’s quads in a twitching pile in a race to see who awakens first. Catherine gets the best of this instance, then targets Lia with a set of seated leg drops across the throat. Jane awakens and attempts to stop Catherine, getting elbows to the face for her troubles. Jane hits the mats and Catherine uses the faded Lia to perform lifeless leg drops on the helpless Jane. A chain of leg drops is established as Catherine smashes Lia, who smashes Jane. Amo joins the fun attempting to take out Catherine with a sleeperhold, but ends up a victim to the chain reaction. Seated leg drops cycle amongst the girls and a hard kick introduces Catherine to the pile. The endless chain reaction leg drops occur until the ladies have no more to give.

Jane gathers her wits after the body pile and focuses on Lia. Lia is force fed the drugged drink and taken out with a sleeperhold that makes her regurgitate the liquid. Catherine Fox receives the same treatment, then Amo is next. With all of her competitors out, Jane circles to each of the girls locking in 10-count single leg hook pins and earns the win for the battle royale. In traditional fashion, she downs the rest of the drugged drink and poses victoriously over the defeated Catherine before collapsing on top of her. The gorgeous ladies lie strewn across the mats twitching and torpid as they struggle to recollect themselves.

Drugged drink KOs
Prolonged seated sleeperhold KOs
10-count single leg hook pins
Simultaneous sleeperhold KOs
Uppercut KO
Chained belly splashes
4-way side headscissor KOs
Seated leg drops KOs
Chain reaction leg drops KOs
Forced drinks
Eye rolling
Tongue protrusion
Excess twitching
Limb checks
Instant replay
Victory pose
Derri “air” KO poses
Body piles


Length: 65 min
Price: 54.99