(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



In the most recent edition of Under the Influence sees Kayla Obey squaring off against Anne Marie.  Once again, the match rules are very simple. The girls must take a sedative and then wrestle after the sedative takes its potent effect. Whoever gets the first 10 count pin will take home the win.

After each girl takes their swig of the elixir, they wait for it to take effect. At first no effect, but the drug takes hold quickly. Soon the girls are stumbling and slurring their words, their eyes crossing as they stagger against each other, slowly getting groggier and groggier.  Anne crashes to the ground first, splayed out on her back, but Kayla is right behind her, collapsing across Anne’s belly as her tongue lolls and her eyelids flutter. Soon both girls are out in a pile of flesh, as a little POV limp play demonstrates.

After a brief interlude, the combatants begin to regain some consciousness, face down on the mat with their butts high in the air.  After a countdown, the match begins as each girl struggles to get up.  Anne, the veteran, manages to crawl over Kayla and tips her over, before slapping her into a sleeper hold. Already groggy and catatonic, Kayla struggles but her tongue dangles as her eyes roll. Soon she’s twitching and catatonic, so Anne breaks the hold and goes for a pin.  Sleepily she counts to seven before Kayla manages to sneak her into a modified lying head scissors.  Now Anne’s eyes are the ones rolling and crossing as Kayla applies the pressure, begging her to pass out.  Anne struggles, her face going red and soon her tongue is out as her body twitches.  Releasing her, Kayla drops her onto her back for a series of sitting belly splashes, the girls gasping tiredly with each impact.  Anne spasms, her eyes crossed, over and over until Anne is actually asking her to knock her out, she’s so sleepy.  Kayla continues splashing her until Anne is unresponsive; her eyes closed and tongue out.  Kayla splays herself over Anne, her but right under Anne’s chin, and counts to nine before Anne manages to deliver a low blow, breaking the count and stunning Kayla.

Rolling her off, Anne crawls over Kayla and traps her in an inverted head scissors, hooking her own ankles to wrench in the pressure. Kayla’s eyes roll as she gasps and struggle, her tongue dangling out of her mouth. Not convinced her opponent is knocked out enough, Anne tests her with a series of belly punches, making Kayla buck and spasm under her, gasping. Anne is unrelenting, driving her fist into soft flesh over and over, while Kayla’s legs kick up with each impact.  Suddenly Kayla fires a knee into Anne’s head, making her eyes cross before she collapses over Kayla, head between her thighs.  The girls lie unconscious, spasming.

Both begin to come to around the same time, and now weapons have been added to the match. Anne slams her hips into Kayla’s chest to incapacitate her, then crawls to the weapon pile, selecting a chain leash.  Pulling Kayla to her feet and throwing her against the wall, Anne wraps the chain around her fist before driving into Kayla’s belly over and over, the catatonic combatant gasping and gulping, air exploding from her lungs as she staggers, eyes rolling.  Wobbling on her feet, and drooling, Kayla is almost out, so Anne yanks her from the wall and delivers a brutal uppercut to her jaw with the chain-wrapped fist, dropping Kayla to the mat.  Not ready to stop, Anne wraps the chain around Kayla’s throat, strangling her with it while Kayla twitches and spasm, her upturned backside sinking down to the floor as her eyelids flutter and her tongue drools.  Finally, she goes still, only twitching as a pool of drool collects under her moth.  Anne goes for a pinfall, managing to get a ten count, but Kayla is able to reach for a billy club from the weapon pile and crashes it against Anne’s skull.  Anne’s eyes bulge and cross before she collapses on her back

Kayla presses the advantage clubbing Anne across the head over and over, each impact shocking Anne into sitting upright with crossed eyes and dangling tongue before collapsing back down to the mat.  Impact after impact crushes her forehead.  When she’s barely responsive, Kayla grabs a taser, hauling Anne to her knees and jamming the electricity into her body. Anne twitches as the current courses through her, but pulls Kayla in close, letting the electricity pulse through them both. The girls twitch and spasm against each other until they collapse in to the ground, the taser trapped between them.  Drool puddles on their gear until the switch finally turns off.  Kayla manages to come around first and pulls Anne to a seated position, wrapping the metal chain around her neck, then jamming the taser to it, combining strangulation and electrocution. Anne twitches and thrashes until drool is spilling from her lips.  Finally, unresponsive, Anne collapses and Kayla crawl over her.  Tiredly she counts out a ten count and picks up the win.

To celebrate her victory, she takes a big drink of sedative to take a nap, but the powerful elixir makes her spasm and gasp until she collapses across Anne’s belly, both girls completely knocked out.

Knock Outs
Eye Crossing
Eye Rolling
Tongue protrusion
Sleeper Holds
Head Scissors
Belly Punching
Belly Splashes
Low Blow


Length: 33 min

Price: 25.99