(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Sushi Xhyvette and Monroe have decided to take each other on in the infamous “Under the Influence” match and are dressed for the occasion in their blue shades of sheer lingerie. With the guidance of SK, they get the sedative mixed with the bottled water as well as the ruleset for their no disqualifications match. The ladies take good swigs of the tainted H2O and they’re seemingly okay until the poison works its way through their bodies. The girls slowly become punchdrunk messes as they become less capable of staying upright and their senses begin to fade. The two become dependent on one another, leaning together as they drool with rolling eyes. Monroe’s legs give way as she collapses onto her back in a sprawl and Xhyvette is soon to follow as she splats atop Monroe. The pair make languid groans till they go limp, then the match kicks off.

Strewn across the room, the ladies slowly recover and Monroe comes out the gate with a sleeperhold to Xhyvette. Xhyvette can barely put up a fight as Monroe applies the squeeze to her. Faint twitches and fidgets are the best Xhyvette can offer as Monroe wraps around her throat. Rolling eyes, fluttering eyelids, and soft spasms are the most the victim can offer through the toxic substance. Xhyvette verbally concedes as she gives in to Monroe’s compressing hold. Limb checks seemingly spell the end of Xhyvette, which signals Monroe to go for her 20-count pin. Xhyvette wittingly uses her predicament to apply a headscissor to the torpid Monroe. Monroe gradually succumbs to the squeezing scissorhold, squirming around between Xhyvette’s thighs. Xhyvette clenches tighter a few times inciting Monroe’s thick ass into the air for a reassuring knockout. Xhyvette then applies a long sleeper to the fleeting Monroe, coaxing her to bed with the sensual stranglehold until it’s night night.

Xhyvette’s intuition tells her Monroe still has fight in her so she shoves her against the wall and rips into her with hard shots to the belly. The blows pound the air from Monroe’s midsection and Xhyvette chucks her across to the opposing wall before laying into her with abundant knees to the gut. Xhyvette finds the energy to go for a set of running wall splashes, but Monroe slips from one of the collisions leading to Xhyvette knocking herself out. Monroe capitalizes with a deep-seated frontal sleeperhold that has the girls face down on the mats. Monroe crams snug and secure on Xhyvette’s throat, driving muffled moans and groans from her comatose figure as she grinds against the mats. After a long submission, one final cram shoots Xhyvette’s ass into the air for the KO.

Monroe can tell Xhyvette isn’t down for the count and hurls her up for numerous belly punches in the center of the mats. With Xhyvette nearly out, Monroe goes for a big lariat that’s slipped and Xhyvette returns the endless slew of thudding belly shots. Monroe musters some strength to clap back with belly punches of her own and the ladies slug it out, eventually going to their knees from the fatiguing battle. They lean on each other’s shoulders, continuously delivering stomach shots that send their asses jolting into the air. Monroe manages to get the best of Xhyvette as she lies her out in spread eagle and follows with jumping belly splashes. Xhyvette is able to counter as she gets her knees up, then proceeds with seated leg drops on an exhausted Monroe. The numerous sharp guillotines slam on Monroe’s trachea, shooting her quads into the air.

Monroe finally gives in when she can’t take anymore, then Xhyvette feeds her another swig of the poisoned water. Xhyvette locks in a concluding sleeper to Monroe that squeezes the drool from her depleted form while turning her into a cross-eyed and hopeless mess. With Monroe finally down for the count, Xhyvette scores a successful leg locking 20-count matchbook pin with belly punches. In traditional fashion, Xhyvette celebrates by downing more of the sedating beverage, then collapsing onto Monroe for a victorious belly splash onto Monroe, leaving the baddies in a body pile from another laborious brawl.

Drugged drink KOs
Prolonged sleeperhold KOs
Single leg hook pin (attempt)
Side headscissor KO
Belly punching
Knees to belly
Running wall splashes
Running wall splash miss KO
Frontal sleeperhold
Mat grinding
Exchanged belly punches
Belly splashes
Seated leg drops
Force fed drink
20-count leg locking matchbook pin w/ belly punching
Derri “air” KO poses
Body piles
Eye rolling
Limb checks
Instant replays


Length: 52 min
Price: 51.99