(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A classic SKW match type is to ensue with the adorable Karly Salinas and charming Lia Labowe they’re ready to down their sedative drinks. As SK breaks down the nitty gritty the girls are ready to get handsy, then down the hatches the drinks go. Seemingly everything is fine until a few moments later where their worlds are flipped upside down and they’re using each other to stay afloat. It’s not long until their eyes are rolling, tongues are protruding, and they collapse into a comatose body pile.

The ladies awaken feet away from each other in different KO poses. SK gives a brief check on each before beginning the match and the girls crawl toward each other in stupors. Lia languidly gets the upper hand as she slips behind Karly for a sleeperhold. She takes Karly down to the mats, arching her backwards advantageous position. Karly fits her way to sitting, but they topple in the other direction from the heavy gravity of the poisonous substance. Lia keeps the squeeze snug, siphoning the much needed oxygen from a gradually-fading Karly and the twosome topple over again. This time Karly is done for as she lies twitching in Lia’s submission. Desperate to get the pin she mounts Karly with a reverse schoolgirl, but can’t get the 10-count as she collapses in exhaustion splashing Karly in the process.

Lia appears the first to waken between the two, but Karly uses her remaining wit to lock Lia in a reverse headscissor from beneath. Karly flips over for additional pressure putting Lia into a more helpless state. Lia tries to pry her way out, but goes limp as she’s no match for Karly’s gripping thighs against her throat. Karly ensures Lila is down with some belly punches while the submission is locked. The excess punches pound the air from Lia’s diaphragm and she goes for a two-handed press pin. Lia reverses with a kick to Karly’s face before the count of 10, but it costs her as Karly unintentionally splashes on top for a double KO.

Lia gets to her senses and helps Karly up by a yank of her hair. Stiff belly shots crush Karly against the wall as Lia lays into her. Lia backs up for a running wall splash with such a powerful collision that she takes Karly out as well as herself. Karly staggers forward and collapses on top of Lia in a derri “air” pose. Lia comes to first and repays the belly punishment in the form of reverse split splashes. Thrusting pelvic slams pump the air out of Karly as the recoil thrusts her upwards from he impact. Lia then goes upstairs as she delivers double ax handle slams to Karly’s head that sit her up in dizzied dismay. A final strike sparks a drool take from Karly before Lia gets on top with a reverse schoolgirl that squishes the fight from her squirming opposition. When Karly’s squirming stops, Lia maintains the position from a pin, but is able to get the shoulder up before the fall.

Lia procures chopsticks from the back and drills into Karly’s temples to screw her closer to unconsciousness. Karly stirs on her rear, eyes rolling and tongue dangling. The drool begins to flow as the submission works its magic, giving Lia ample time to get ahold of more weapons. A taser shock agitates Karly to her knees, then Lia takes her out with a shock to the temple, which drops her onto a live stun rod for more wrecking wattage. A wildly convulsing Karly lies helpless as Lia succumbs to exhaustion once more, toppling onto the spasming Karly for a convulsing body pile. Lia gets the sweeter end of the deal as she awakens first and gets her hands on more of that sweet, sweet drink.

Lia revives Karly who is utterly out of it and no longer wants to compete. She concedes to Lia feeding her the drink and collapses soon after. Lia then finishes her foe with a squeezing sleeperhold that gets Karly drooling submission till she can take no more. A 10-count leg hook pin is performed on Karly that confirms Lia to be the winner. With all that she’s given she’s ready for a long sleep as well and SK helps her out with a chloroform mist to the face that splays her on top of a clobbered Karly, who gets a helping of the sweet sleeping spray as well.

Drugged drink KOs
Prolonged sleeperhold KO
10-count reverse schoolgirl pin (attempt)
Reverse headscissor w/ belly punching KO
Belly splashes
10-count two-handed press pin (attempt)
Belly strikes
Running wall splash double KO
Reverse splits splashes KO
Double ax handle smashes KO
Reverse schoolgirl pin KO
Chopstick dual temple drill KO
Taser to temple KO
Stun rod KO
Convulsing body pile
Sleeperhold KO
10-count single leg hook pin
Chloroform spray KOs
Body piles
Derri “air” KO pose
Instant replays
Tongue protrusion


Length: 31 min
Price: 30.99