(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Ultragirl Mauled! (clip one)

Ultragirl (Sage Pillar) has finally reached the location of The Mauler (SK) after a period of handling his goons across the city. We open up to Ultragirl laying into The Mauler with lefts, rights, and a flooring uppercut. She takes command as she straddles him and lets him know of his soon-to-be future in jail. His feigned weakness is the perfect bait as he displays his full power by muscling out of her pin and wrapping his hand around her throat. She retches and groans in dismay, favoring her injured throat as she’s tossed to the side. He aims for the neck with a sleeperhold that rolls her eyes back and draws her tongue out. She goes limp and he applies more choking to keep her tongue protruded. He’s highly satisfied that his ploy worked out and hoists her over his shoulder to relocate to his lair for deviant fun of his choosing.

Ultragirl struggles to recover from The Mauler’s revival attempts and finds herself squished in a backbreaking bearhug. The pain from the squeeze enlivens her and she squirms while withstanding the submission. She soon becomes a ragdoll and lifelessly hits the mats allowing him to play with her limp and twitchy figure. Some face taps and a mashing breast claw jar her awake in agony. She can’t process the power of her adversary and is knocked out with a chop to the neck. A stomp to the back rattles her and he scoops her up for a torture rack. She’s broken in two as she passes out from the excruciating hold, then collapses to the mats like a broken toy. A one-handed choke stirs her up and he lifts her to her feet. A tongan death grip squeezes her windpipe and she’s powerless to resist the deadly chokehold. Over his shoulder she goes for more ragdolling, then back to the floor.

The nerves of Ultragirl’s belly are pinpointed and squeezed before she’s forced against the wall. The Mauler punishes her belly with deep rights that plunge her back into the surface. An irish whip slams her against the other wall and she’s squished with a wall splash. She staggers forward then crumbles into a twitchy derri “air” KO pose. Clapping spanks get her to come to a neck chop that knocks her senseless. The Mauler lifts her over his shoulders and carries her around the room a bit. A nerve pinch to the shoulder makes her grimace in anguish till she fades into more twitches. She hits the mats convulsing with her tongue stuck outward and eyes glazed over. He applies a crotch claw to shock her to consciousness and keeps the offense going with boots to the groin. He picks her up and positions her for a barrage of face punches. A massive uppercut rocks her into a drooling heap with saliva dripping down her tongue. He enjoys himself with another OTS carry before laying her out.

A powerful shot to the gut sits Ultragirl up into perfect position for a sleeperhold. The Mauler clamps on tight making her legs buckle as she suffers from the squeeze. She folds to his questioning as she exhibits submissiveness. She expresses desire to be put to sleep and he grants her wish via choke out. Considering he wants to finish up on his terms he administers another crotch claw to jar her awake. She finds herself on the end of a tombstone piledriver that leaves her jolting with convulsions as her tongue dangles. He seals the deal with a single leg hook 10-count pin and post-KO choking to send a message. He strips her of her boots and belt, then chokes her lifeless figure with the waistband. She’s left frothing at the mouth as he splits to acquire the finishing touches for his work.

Ultragirl is left face down, arms tied, and legs tied with her mouth duct taped. The Mauler gives the word to his boss that the deed is done and he’ll be transporting the heroine to an undisclosed location. The once exuberant protagonist is hauled over his shoulder and carried out to an unknown fate.

Face punching
Sleeperhold KOs
Over-the-shoulder carries
Bearhug KO
Breast claw
Neck chop KOs
Torture rack KO
Tongan death grip KO
Belly claw
Belly punching
Wall splashes KO
Nerve pinch KO
Crotch claws
Groin stomps
Uppercuts KO
Tombstone piledriver KO
Single leg hook 10-count pin
Choke with belt
Light bondage
Derri “air” KO pose
Limp play
Eye checks
Light spanking
Tongue protrusion

Ultragirl Belly Punched (clip two)

Ultragirl receives the worst as The Machine rips into her midsection with a seemingly never ending flurry of belly strikes. Fans of belly punching won’t be able to get enough as she withstands a seemingly infinite wave of punishment, reeling on the edge of consciousness as she tries to keep it together. She lurches, moans, cries out, and breathes deeply as her adversary pounds her to a pulp. She’s finished off with a sleeperhold KO and left spread eagle, completely void of all vitality.

Excess belly punching
Double axe handles to belly
Winding belly punch KO
Sleeperhold KO
Limb checks
Tongue protrusion


Length: 33 min
Price: 31.99