(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



Anne Marie and Saya Savage star in this two-on-one match, wearing matching blue bikinis, having decided they’re sick of Tiny running roughshod over the girls of SKW, deciding to team up in a best-out-of-3 falls handicap match to take down the giant.  Tiny enters the ring laughing, seemingly amused by their challenge.  He enthusiastically accepts the match and it is on!

The girls rush Tiny, grabbing him from either side in a bearhug attempt, but the giant’s size and girth make it impossible to move him. Grabbing them both by the hair he throws them into each other for a double noggin knocker before propping them up against the wall for a brutal series of dual belly punches, the girls jumping and gasping with each impact, their eyes crossing.  He grabs Anne and whips her into Saya before following up with a series of knee lifts that drop the girls to the floor, stacked on top of each other.  Looking to inflict more punishment, Tiny, kneels over them both, hauling them into a dual camel clutch until the girl’s rolling eyes finally flutter closed, knocking them both out

Tiny drags Saya off of Anne, then lays them out side by side, before taking aim and launching onto them with dual belly splashes, the girls spasming under the impacts until their lights go out once again.  He lays Saya over Anne face-to-face, then launches for one final splash, crushing the girls under him over and over as they gasp and whimper in pain, their crossed eyes bulging before finally fluttering shut again

Tiny takes his time, destroying both girls with dual choke holds, hauling them into the air as they gasp and struggle before collapsing to the mat, dual heart punches, leaving them spasming on the ground, dual head presses, making them thrash and writhe until drool spills from their mouths, dual cranial claws, making them twitch and spasm as their eyes crosses, dual dragon sleepers, dual racks, the girls spasming and thrashing helplessly before being tossed like meat to the ground, dual bearhugs that crush them into submission,  dual banzai drops as they’re stacked on top of each other, tombstone piledrivers that lay them out cold, small package piledrivers that fold them into unconsciousness, last-ride powerbombs, and torture racks to pick up his first pinfall.

He ragdolls the girls up into the Tiny Special, driving their heads into the mat over and over until they’re left twitching and spasming, laid out side by side and picking up the second pinfall and taking home another dominant win!  Can Tiny ever be stopped?  Not this time

Noggin Knocker
Dual Belly Punches
Stacked Running Knee Lifts
Dual Camel Clutch
Stacked Belly Splashes
Choke Holds
Heart Punches
Eye Rolling
Crossed Eyes
Head Press
Cranial Claw
Dragon Sleepers
Torture Rack
Dual Rack
Stacked Banzai Drops
Tombstone Piledrivers
Small Package Piledrivers
Tiny Special
Last Ride Powerbombs
Knock Outs


Length: 42 min

Price: 35.99