(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Sleeperkid finds a brief moment to get pre-match thoughts with Faith in the dressing room before her match with the adept Laynie Luck. To Faith’s dismay, she’s discovered that the match is “far beyond bombed” themed, in which the conditions of victory are met with a powerbomb finisher. Faith displays a bit of reluctance as the recalls the result of the last beyond bombed match between Jinx and Sapphire, but she’s still down to compete. A moment later we enter the mat room to find Laynie ready to throw down and she exclaims that the theme of the match was of her choice as well as a personal favorite. She makes a few promises that are met by a sassy Faith emerging from the back. Laynie takes things into her own hands and the match abruptly begins with a lariat to the beauty in blue.

Laynie kicks the high-octane action off with a couple snapmares to Faith, applying pressure to her lower back from the jump. Faith is lifted to her feet and catches a powerful knee to the gut. Laynie attempts to whip her into the wall but is reversed and ends up crashing face first herself. Faith returns the favor with a number of knees to her midsection then transitions to a body slam in the center of the mats. She shoots for a pinfall but Laynie kicks out at the count of two. Faith sends an elbow drop crashing into her stomach before another pin attempt, but it’s thwarted in similar fashion to the first. Faith engages with foul play as she presses a boot to Laynie’s throat for a foot choke and she relinquishes the hold by the ref’s count. She continues to aim for the throat as she secures a sleeperhold against the professional. Laynie fights her way out of the submission with a few elbows to Faith’s stomach and follows up with a stunner. Faith rises from her knees in a daze and eats a subsequent super kick for her troubles. Laynie takes a moment to collect herself before diving for the pin and Faith kicks before the three.

Laynie delivers just desserts with a boot to Faith’s neck for a foot choke, which is broken up by the count. She continues the assault with a snap suplex causing Faith to arch in agony as she’s softened up. She continues to wear her down with a set of snapping jabs to the face and hip tosses, placing further stress on Faith’s lumbar region. Faith gets to her feet in groggy fashion but counters Laynie’s offense with a boot to the stomach. A running bulldog carries Laynie across the mats and plants her face first. Faith goes for another pin and Laynie kicks again. Faith channels her inner luchadora performing a headscissor takedown on Laynie, which causes her to favor her neck. Another high impact move is delivered in the form of a snapping DDT putting a huge damper on Laynie’s momentum. Faith goes to the rear and wraps powerful thighs around Laynie’s neck for a rear headscissor. Laynie’s tenacity comes into play as she refuses to tap and counters with a leg scissor to get Faith to break the hold. Faith’s blitz continues with a european uppercut that sends Laynie staggering to the wall and open for lariats and chops to the chest. A swinging neckbreaker makes Laynie whiplash to the mats, targeting her weakened neck further and ripening her for a pin. Faith seeks another pinfall, but Laynie powers out again.

Faith keeps the pressure on her vulnerable rival with a leg drop to the belly and another try at a pin that is soon escaped. Faith whips Laynie to the wall, but the maneuver is reversed and she crashes back first. Laynie performs a flurry of strikes, tenderizing her opponent before bringing her front and center. A series of precise neck chops deplete Faith’s strength as she falls to her knees, then face down for what is seemingly a KO. Laynie tries for the pinfall but Faith powers out to her disbelief. Laynie grows visibly irritated as she can’t manage to put Faith down and drives her into the mats with an authoritative body slam. Faith writhes in distress as her lower back suffers further torment. Snapmare after snapmare has Faith gasping for air as she digs deep to withstand the pain and regain the upper hand, however it comes crashing to a halt as her skull meets the mats through a piledriver. A twitching fit indicates that she may be out for the count allowing Laynie to pursue another pin, but Faith isn’t finished quite yet.

Laynie is overcome with rage and she mounts her declining rival, wrapping both hands around her throat for a ferocious choke. Her presence of mind allows her to relinquish the hold before the count and she continues to go to town. Faith is placed against the wall for more punishment in the form of knees and cross chops, then wrapped into a sleeperhold that becomes a rear naked choke. Faith withers away as she faintly flails in Laynie’s ensnaring squeeze. Laynie doesn’t let up and drops an elbow deep into Faith’s sternum. Faith gasps for air and Laynie takes the opportunity to go for another mounted two-handed choke. Laynie furthers her aim for the neck with a swinging neckbreaker, putting great stress on Faith’s throat. Another pin attempt sees Faith persist with another kick out. Laynie grows even more furious, then deals a double leg drop to Faith’s midsection accompanied by a double leg hook pin. Faith slips out again, which just so happens to send Laynie off the deep end.

Faith struggles to her feet in disoriented fashion as Laynie heads to the back. Before Faith can even get her wits together a chair smashes into her back, laying her out on the mats face down. Faith is completely out of it as Laynie coaxes her to get up for more. A second chair shot puts her down and Laynie assumes she’s finished, but Faith breaks another pin. Laynie goes to work with snapping jabs into an irish whip to the wall. Knee strikes and a secondary whip into the wall bounce Faith off of it and into a twisting spinebuster that splats her to the canvas. Another pin attempt is thwarted. Laynie performs a second swinging neckbreaker and the following pin fails. She then pulls out all the stops and goes for the powerbomb, but Faith battles back with a backdrop. Faith mounts her back for a piggyback sleeperhold, but her offense is cut short when Laynie squishes her against the wall. A super kick rocks Faith sending her staggering into the wall for more assorted strikes and Laynie applies a shoulder-pinching nerve hold. Faith begins to convulse as the submission takes its toll and Laynie cuts it short for a double neck chop KO.

Faith is left out cold and twitching but Laynie knows she has to do a bit more to get the powerbomb off. Faith is cinched into a backbreaker resulting in her cries of pain, but she resists Laynie’s coercion. Laynie goes for her second powerbomb attempt and manages to hoist Faith up. This time there will be no reversal as Laynie dunks her downward, leaving her sprawled out. Laynie’s inner heel shows as a follow-up pin results in a “kick out”. A callback to the previous powerbomb themed match gives Laynie the motivation to go for another devastating powerbomb that craters Faith into the mats. Laynie finally scores that pinfall that she’s craved throughout the intense match and she poses victoriously over a spread eagle and totally spent Faith.

Wall splashes
Knees to belly
Body slams
Elbow drops
Single leg hook pins
Foot chokes
Super kicks
Snap suplex
Hip tosses
Running bulldog
Headscissor takedown
Snap DDT
Rear headscissor
European uppercut
Chest chops
Swinging neckbreakers
Leg drop
Double neck chop KOs
Piledriver KO
Crossing throat chops
Rear naked choke KO
Double leg drop
Chair shots
Back drop
Piggyback sleeper
Nerve pinch hold
Backbreaker hold
Powerbomb KOs
Win pose


Length: 24 min
Price: 21.99