TWO for the price of TWO

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The scene begins showcasing Takaiji in deep trouble! Skye Blue has the amazon beauty in a gripping bear hug from behind while Misty Lovelace applies a tight sleeper hold, piggy back style! Misty and Skye think they’ve got this sneak attack in the bag, talking excitedly about how they’re going to bring the bitch down and take over SKW! Their confidence only grows when Takaiji finally knocks out, a heap on the mats. The two smaller wrestlers decide it’s time for a pin, applying a double cross body pin (that’ll make you WEEP to see!). Unfortunately for them, before they can hit the ten count, Takaiji’s tag team partner walks in……TINY! And Tiny is just a tinnnnnny bit pissed!

Skye and Misty are plucked off the ground and squeezed into a double lifted bear hug, Tiny gripping them tightly until they knock out. When the two gorgeous ladies are limp and lifeless on the mats, he wakes Takaiji up. It’s at this time that the tag team partners choose to exact revenge on their foes: and revenge is exactly what they get.

Takaiji and Tiny utilize their size advantage to the max as they put Misty and Skye in their places. The two smaller fighters are terrified from the get go, even attempting to dart off the mats at one point. They’re knocked out several times just to be brought around again for more brutalization.

After suffering their punishment for sneak attacking Takaiji, Misty and Skye are put into a torture rack/tombstone piledriver finale. They’re lifted one at a time into the air and then transitioned into the piledriver position. When they’ve both ‘met the mats’, out cold, Takaiji and Tiny apply matchbook pins for the 10 count.


piggy back sleeper
posterior bear hug
double lifted bearhug
rag dolling
belly splashes
body splashes against the wall
against the wall body splash piles
lifted throat choke (choke slam position)
double/double bearhug (Misty and Skye sandwiched between Tiny and Takaiji)
elbow drops
chest punch
face punch
elbow drop to skull
skull crusher
heart punches
tombstone pile driver
hand grinding
torture rack into tombstone pile driver
matchbook pin


Length: 22 min

Price: 18.99