(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Irene Silver, Galas, and Mia Hope meet up in the locker room over Galas’ big thorn in her side. Galas has hired some muscle to gang up on an unnamed male assailant who’s been a big problem for her. We enter the mat room to see the Machine loosening up and the ladies appear from the back with a treacherous bag of tools to assist them in their task. Galas and the Machine approach each other with some back and forth over their last encounter and what’s to come next before the action ensues.

Mia dashes in to take the Machine’s head off but gets a low blow for her troubles. A following uppercut lays Mia out into jerky convulsions. A slight hesitation precedes Irene getting a piece of the Machine herself and her attempt at offense is countered with a sleeperhold. Irene is soon choked out and placed on top of a drained Mia for a convulsing body pile. With her goons easily being dispatched, Galas flees from the mat room and the Machine toys with the spasming dolls. Irene receives an OTS carry and Galas reappears with an ambush in the form of a stun rod to the Machine. It proves ineffective as he laughs off the shock while transferring it to Irene, who’s dumped onto Mia for a stronger convulsing body pile.

Galas attempts to stab the Machine with the electrifying prod again, and the Machine reverses the current back to her with a clutch to her upper body, inciting her to drool as she’s lit up. A soporose Galas is slung up for an OTS carry and receives some spanks before being dumped onto the convulsing Mia and Irene for a bigger body pile. The Machine spices the pile up even further by shoving a pair of live stun prods into the pile for even more drool-inducing gyrations from the fallen dolls.

The Machine ponders on his next move before entangling the triplets into a double sleeperhold plus rear headscissor three-way submission. The prolonged submissions wreak havoc on the ladies. Galas is the first to go, then Irene, then Mia. The Machine tightens the squeeze on all three bringing them back to life in painful fashion till they end up comatose and convulsing in his holds. The Machine forms the girls into a body pile as they lie spasming before he makes his next move.

The ladies are laid in a body pile that presses one’s head against the other’s torso. He lifts Galas then conks her out with a blackjack blow to which she slams onto Irene’s stomach, forcing Irene up who then slams into Mia’s stomach, and the cycle continues with upper bodies slamming into each other for an endless spin cycle of recoiling KOs. When they have nothing left to give the ladies lie twitching atop one another.

For his next trick, the Machine forms the girls into a headscissor-pede with poor Mia in the middle to withstand Galas’ squeeze as she inflicts Irene with her’s.He then presses the stun rod to Galas neck, filling her with thousands of volts to tense her body up and inflicting a tightening squeeze across Mia’s neck that flows through the chain of sentries. He then goes to the rear to inflict the shock for the reverse effect. Mia gets her turn as the rod is pressed to her and the poor girl is left giving and receiving. When the deed is done each girl is flipped over, violently shaking as the saliva pours from their mouths. Another body pile is formed for viewing pleasure and the Machine performs three hard presses against them for recoiling reactions. They’re left with the stun rod placed beneath them for a shocking departure.

The Machine still has some tricks up his sleeve as he forms the threesome into a leg locking matchbook pile as they lie twitching. The unfortunate Mia gets the rod shoved into her groin at the base, transferring the shock to the other girls in the pile. Galas gets a stab to the torso next and Irene catches it in the neck as the girls have the volts flow through them endlessly. Eventually the coursing volts result in drooling as the girls stain their attire with their own spittle. Twitching is all that’s left with the trio as the Machine gives them a brief rest from his excruciating methods.

The Machine stands the ladies in a row as convulsing and drooling dolls utterly numb to their predicament. His steel chair does a number on them as he drops each of them into twitches with harsh chair shots to the face. As they lie out cold, he inflicts more damage with a row of chair shots, sending them into convulsions so fierce that they begin frothing from the lips. Eventually their violent convulsions soften to twitches and their foam becomes translucent drool. With such an insane battering at the hands of the Machine, we’ll have to see if Galas returns with an even stronger force or has she learned her lesson?

Groin punch
Uppercut KO
Sleeperhold KO
Over-the-shoulder carries
Reversal stun rod KO
Stun rods to body pile w/ drooling
Dual sleeperhold + rear headscissor triple KOs w/ drooling
3-way continuous splashes KO
Headscissor-pede w/ stun rod KOs
Body pile press
Matchbook pin body pile
Stun rod to groin KO
Stun rod to neck KO
Chair shots KOs
Limb checks
Excess convulsing
Excess drooling
Frothy drooling
Convulsing body piles
Post-KO convulsing scene


Length: 35 min
Price: 32.99