Monroe is in the dressing room wearing a tiny silver bikini, pacing nervously.  Anne-Marie shows up wearing her own tiny bikini wondering why she’s so nervous, and Monroe explains that her next opponent is Miss Rachel.  Anne suggests that Monroe should train for the bout, and the two head to the mat-room.

The sparring Spartans lock up and Anne immediately yanks Monroe into a side headlock that wears Monroe out, before slamming her back-first into the wall to unload belly punches and knee lifts into the hapless blonde’s tummy.  After whipping her across the room into the other wall, Anne follows in with a running knee lift, but Monroe dodges and she slams her own head into the wall, dropping to the mat cross-eyed. Monroe scoots over to make a pin attempt but Anne gets the shoulder up at two.

Undeterred, Monroe yanks her up by the hair, but Anne has a surprise low blow in store for her, following up with a tombstone pile-driver, leaving Monroe sprawled on the mat for a quick pin attempt.  Monroe groggily manages to kick out at two, so Anne hauls her back to her feet, making a try for a piledriver, but Monroe blocks, reversing into a sidewalk piledriver that leaves Anne sprawled on the mat, crawling over her for a three count pin!  Monroe is beside herself with disbelief, waking Anne to tell her that she managed to win, as Miss Rachel stalks into the room behind the two blondes.  Anne tries incoherently to warn Monroe, but flushed with victory, she misunderstands her mumbling until Miss Rachel grabs them both by the hair, hauling them to their feet and slamming their heads into one another, collapsing them into ass up heaps on the mat.

Miss Rachel plants a foot on each upturned butt for a victory pose, then settles into dishing out pain and punishment. She hauls Anne to her feet, throwing her head-first into the wall, then attacks her belly with punches, knee lifts belly claws, kicks and chops, leaving her stunned and winded, before grabbing Monroe and throwing her into Anne, winding them both.  She takes aim at Monroe’s belly, dealing out devastating punches and knee lifts before tossing both girls against the opposing wall to punish their bellies with twin punches and dual running knee lifts, leaving them gasping and breathless.  Finally, she stacks them against each other before delivering a devastating running body splash to both, making them stumble and collapse into a jobber pile on the mat.

The punishment continues as Miss Rachel delivers body splashes, bearhug, dual bearhug, sitting on them both crushingly, running lariats, dual stunners, dual rear chokes, body rolls, tombstone piledrivers, piledrivers, and finally chair shots to the head, before crushing them with a seated pinfall, leaving both girls sprawled in a jobber pile, twitching and drooling, totally destroyed.

Squash Match
Eye Crossing
Eye Rolling
Tongue Lolling
Belly Punching
Knee Lifts
Running Knee Lifts
Noggin Knocker
Tombstone Piledriver
Body Splashing
Sidewalk Piledriver
Dual Stunners
Running Lariats
Dual Choke
Chair Shots


Length: 31 min
Price: 26.99