(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Private Training: Session 1

Serena has prepared a training space for her session with returning professional wrestler, Amo Morbia, however her condescending tone and inconsiderate remarks toward her trainee haven’t left her in the best of regards. Amo Morbia takes it upon herself to not only demonstrate her abilities, but to show Serena she’s already more capable than predicted.

Amo Morbia essentially turns Serena into her personal training dummy as it becomes an exhibition of her dangerous techniques and experience. A quick belly punch and stunner combo combo sends Serena crashing to the mats in a daze. From here it’s a snowball of strikes and submissions that wear Serena down to sensual submissiveness.

A reverse bear hug saps more energy from Serena’s ribs which is soon converted into a long sleeper hold KO. Amo Morbia returns to the midsection with a continuous frontal bear hug that soon meets the mats allowing her to revel in power as Serena gradually fades. A series of belly splashes pummel Serena’s midriff from an abrupt awakening to another KO.

Amo Morbia aims for the throat with the next array of attacks featuring a reverse guillotine choke, reverse headscissor with matchbook variant pin, seated leg drops, a sleeper hold, and a hint of foot worship as Serena becomes putty in her grasp.

With a single leg hook 10 count pin that concludes the session, Amo Morbia strolls off for a bite as Serena is left vanquished, lamenting her lack of strength. This surely wasn’t the “training session” Serena expected to have… Or was it?

Belly punch
Stunner KO
Reverse bear hug KO
Sleeper hold KOs
Bear hug
Prolonged grounded bear hug KO
Limp play
Belly splashes KO
Prolonged reversed guillotine choke KO
Rear headscissor w/ matchbook hold KO
Rear headscissor 10 count pin
Seated leg drops KO
Light foot worship
Single leg hook 10 count pin
Instant replays
Sweet talk

Private Training: Session 2

We enter the scene with SK doing a bit of physical training as Serena enters and offers him some of her guidance to get him back into the upper echelon of the SKW roster. After some admiration of Serena’s core he finds the motivation to strengthen his own and initiates the training with a quick belly shot and stunner combo that kicks it off.

An additional stunner drops her senseless followed up by a bit of limp play. SK tests her neck strength with a long sleeper hold KO that quickly persuades Serena of his physical capabilities. She’s then placed in a derri “air” pose to show off her gorgeous physique.

Her core is then tested with an extended bear hug that makes its way to the mats and Serena’s energy wanes as does her confidence. After squeezing her to sleep, SK engages in some more limp play and ragdolling admiring how well the unconscious Serena serves for his training.

A locked crippler crossface revives her from her slumber and she’s forced to suffer from a few creative variants including a smother, fish hooks, mandible claw, elbow to back, and more that have Serena fiending for a trip back to dreamland.

A sharp grapevine pin jars Serena awake; that’s soon combined with an ezekiel choke introducing her to a disorienting world of pain that puts her to rest again. However, the test of her neck strength has only begun as SK displays his grappling knowledge through means of a rear headscissor with matchbook hold, side guillotine choke, headscissor, and an abundance of gruelling submission holds.

A depleted Serena is left sprawled out on the mats by a confident SK who’s definitely bound to see a tip in scale regarding the rankings. The question is… Has Serena retained her resolve to remain atop the food chain? We’ll soon find out!

Disclaimer: Due to a minor camera malfunction, the final minutes of the match between SK and Serena is a little washed out. This should not affect your overall experience, though we have given this clip a discounted price because of it. Enjoy!

Belly punching
Stunner KO
Limp play
Sleeper hold KOs
Derri “air” KO pose
Bear hug KO
Prolonged grounded bear hug KO
Crippler crossface w/ variants KO
Grapevine pin
Prolonged grapevine pin w/ ezekiel choke KO
Rear headscissor w/ matchbook hold KO
Side Guillotine Choke KO
Matchbox pin w/ pressure point KO
Arm-locked headscissor KO
Face play
Reverse guillotine choke KO / Ground dragon sleeper KO


Length: 63 min
Price: 39.99