Tracy Jordan is a little miffed with Sleeperkid as she gives a pre-match promo running down her “issues” with SKW and Sleeperkid, citing a lack of fairness in having to face Tiny etc.  Unfortunately, Sleeperkid is standing right behind her while she delivers this critique and decides to put Tracy in her place, slapping her into a surprise Sleeper Hold.  Crossed eyes and gasping, she sinks to the floor, passing out in Sleeperkid’s grip.  A few Axe Handles to the belly bring her around, so it’s time to slam her head first into the side of the mat, then thrown into the ring post.  Tracy goes down again, but a Belly Claw rouses her to standing, only to find herself thrown in the ring and worked over in the corner with Belly Punches, Belly Stomps and Shoulder Thrusts, driving her down to her knees.  Running Knee Lifts bring her staggering out to face-plant in the middle of the mat.  Perfect positioning for a wail-inducing Camel Clutch, held on while Tracy whimper and her eyes roll.  Sleeperkid isn’t done yet, as Body Splash after body splash hammers Tracy into the mat.  Is Sleeperkid trying to win, or is he trying to send a message?

Torture Rack
Sleeper Holds
Crossed Eyes
Belly Punching
Body Splash
Standing Choke
Tongan Death Grip
Belly Clawing
Knock Outs
Fireman’s Carry
Camel Clutch
Iron Claw
Squash Match
Head Press
Rolling Eyes
Male Dom
Limp Play
Rope Choke
Heart Punch
Crippler Cross Face
Fish Hook
Low Blows
Dragon Sleeper
Neck Twist
Ten Count
Victor: Sleeperkid


Length: 20 min

Price: 16.99