(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

TINY’S NEW VICTIMS (Added 9/15/23)

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Ella and Anastasia Rose are mixing it up, tussling on the mats in an ongoing match before we tune in. Anastasia shoves Ella to the wall and batters her belly with punches. A snapmare floors Ella and Anastasia pursues with a sleeperhold. While the submission is applied the ladies work their way to a stand and Ella doesn’t give in. A jawbreaker dazes Anastasia, freeing Ella from the hold and the girls take a moment to recover. They rush at one another and before colliding, SK breaks the brawl up and informs them that their match is over due to a reservation. “Tiny” is mentioned and the ladies cackle at the thought of such a wrestler, however they make the same mistake that much of the roster has with their first impression.

Suddenly the girls are trapped in a pair of sleeperholds and Tiny uses his might to hurl them into the air at the same time. Tiny introduces himself with an intimidating rumble and the girls find themselves drained in his clutches. The twosome gets a very brief rest in a body pile, but soon receives more squeezing action in the form of a dual lifting bearhug. Tiny squishes them together as if playing with action figures and they utterly collapse when he lets go. Tiny places the girls side by side and plows them deeper into the mats with monstrous running belly splashes KOs. Anastasia takes a huge blows to the belly and is placed against the wall. Ella’s stood beside her and Tiny lunges in with more huge belly punches to the duo. Tiny stacks them up and knocks them down in a body pile with a running wall splash.

Tiny takes a moment to decide what’s next and rattles Anastasia up with a snapping kick to the rear. Anastasia is flipped upside down and plunged into the mats while Tiny executes the move over Ella for a pair of KOs. A throat lift hurls Ella up and she’s planted into the mats with a tombstone piledriver KO. Anastasia receives the same twitch-inducing KO as she gets her 2nd tombstone piledriver of the match. Snapping spinal kicks agitate the girls from their sleep, then he catches the staggering dolls with dual tombstone piledriver KOs. A massive boot pressed to Ella’s midsection strains her breathing and she’s scooped into a small package before being cratered into the mats and left to convulse. Anastasia is scooped by the scruff of her neck, curled into a small package, then smashed into the mats in similar fashion.

The twitchy dolls are placed side by side and Tiny squishes them together for a dual skullcrusher KO. The drool pours from the violent submission and as their eyes form into slits the convulsions set in. The ladies are lifted by their heads and blasted in their cores with belly punches. A dual DDT KO bores them into the mats and the whites of their eyes show from the checks. His body weight pressures their ankles for a rude awakening, then he stands them up and twists them around for a set of heart punch KOs. The pair spazzes out on the mats, then their tremors are quelled with follow-up heart punches. Belly stomps wake the girls for more and a set of tongan death grips chokes them out for more KOs.

Sky high choke slams sends the twosome crashing into the mats and Tiny takes a seat as he watches them slowly recover. He then coerces the jobbers into a 1v1 match with one another for his entertainment. Anastasia seemingly gets the advantage with a sleeperhold, but Ella breaks free with elbows to the midsection. Ella applies her own sleeperhold, but Anastasia breaks it by splashing Ella against the wall. The girls collapse in an exhausted and twitchy heap, however Tiny’s boredom leads to him interfering by passing Anastasia a steel chair. Ella takes a chair shot at the promise of Anastasia being released, but Tiny doesn’t keep his word and drops Anastasia with a chair shot.

The jobbers lie face down and ass up, prompting Tiny to conclude the match. Tiny specials completely obliterate the ladies, leaving them helplessly twitching on the canvas. They’re folded into a 10-count dual matchbook pin and manage to come to after the fall is counted. After the twosome is brought to their feet, zonking face punches rock them into a daze and they’re hurled over the shoulder for an OTS victory pose granting Tiny yet another set of living trophies.


Anastasia & Ella:
Belly punches
Reversal jawbreaker
Reversal elbows to belly
Wall splash
Chair shot KO

Dual sleeperhold KOs
Dual lifting bearhug KOs
Dual belly splashes KOs
Dual belly punches
Dual running wall splash KO
Snapping ass kick
Tombstone piledriver KOs
Throat lifts
Snapping spinal kicks
Dual tombstone piledriver KOs
Foot press to belly
Small package piledriver KOs
Dual skullcrusher KOs
Dual DDT KOs
Dual foot presses
Dual heart punches KOs
Belly stomps
Dual tongan death grip KOs
Choke slam KOs
Chair shot KO
Tiny special KOs
Dual 10-count matchbook pins
Dual face punch KOs
Dual over-the-shoulder carry victory pose
Eye checks
Twitching / convulsing
Body piles
Derri “air” KO poses


Length: 35 min
Price: 34.99