(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Tiny enters the mat room to find the delightful sight of a gift left for him by his good friend, The Machine. The body pile consists of sisters Ziva and Mewchii Fey beneath a label that Tiny interprets in his own special way. The party starts with the giant yanking the sisters up by the hair then tormenting them with a rude awakening to his birthday celebration! He provides a warm welcome via lifting sleeperholds. Ziva incoherently murmurs as she wears thin from the sleeperhold and the twosome drops to the mats lifelessly. Tiny takes a moment to appreciate The Machine’s offerings and proceeds to deliver his special brand of celebrating.

Throat lifts scoop the sisters from the mats and to the walls where he hammers out simultaneous belly punches, turning the girls into groaning damsels. He stacks them atop one another and charges forward across the room for a series of running wall splashes. The ladies stagger forward and drop to the mats and Ziva unintentionally splashes her sis. Sudden inspiration gets tiny to align the girls side by side and uses his size advantage to administer a set of leaping belly splashes. The twitches and drooling already settle in and Tiny’s barely gotten started. The last splash is enhanced with a longer squish as he stays on top till his body weight zaps their consciousness.

Next he places them in a stacked, facedown body pile and performs more leaping splashes driving the air from the twitchy dolls without breaking a sweat. After pondering what’s next he lifts the two by the hair once more then seemingly eases up. With their defenses down, Tiny suddenly clutches them with a pair of iron claws, sparking loud cries and staggering from the agonizing hold. Their limbs lifelessly drop and they topple backward when Tiny releases them. The stirs the girls awake with full-weight hand stomps to each then hoists them to their feet. Using his massive might he stacks them over his shoulders for a dual fireman’s carry, then drops to his knees for a stacked stomach crusher that knocks them senseless.

A dual foot stomp wakes the girls from their brief rest and he lifts them into a body pile against the wall. His powerful grip allows them to scoop both of them up for a dual bearhug, handling them effortlessly. Setting them on the ground he crunches to the point of a KO and they crumble when released. Ziva is jarred awake with a throat lift and raised to the ceiling. She pleads for mercy, but only receives a massive chokeslam for her troubles. She’s overcome with twitches and drooling then dragged to the back of the room. Mewchii suffers the same fate as a chokeslam craters her into the mats. The younger sister receives more torment as Tiny proceeds with a two-handed throat lift that hoists her into the air and against the wall where she’s squished to a perished heap. Ziva gets the same treatment and slightly froths from the throat pressure.

Setting the girls side by side he lifts them up and applies a dual skullcrusher, compressing their heads together. The shriek and flail frantically till all they can do is moan, drool, and spasm. Cracking spinal kicks knock the siblings from their slumber and Tiny follows up with a set of wrist wrenches. As the pair is powerless to escape he shocks their chests with dual heart punches that lay them out into convulsions. A second set of plunging fists ceases their suffering for a short period. Tiny gets hyped to initiate the piledriver party and Ziva’s the first to take part. A hair lift into a knee to the gut is followed by a piledriver that plants her headfirst for a withering KO. Mewchii gets a bullying nose pinch, hair lift, belly punch, then a piledriver that doubles into a piledriver that leaves her curled up.

The younger of the two sees more offense as she’s flipped upside down and slammed on her head with a tombstone piledriver. Ziva’s awakened with a huge boot to the belly then thumped into the mats with a tombstone piledriver as well. The heat remains on Ziva as Tiny lifts her again and curls her into a small package before dropping her on her head for the KO. Ziva tries to help her sister, but paralysis by analysis gets her clutched by the behemoth and smashed by a small package piledriver also. As the dames begin to recover, Tiny cuts them off by taking them up in each arm, and delivering a dual piledriver, killing two birds with one stone. The ladies lie helplessly as they continuously twitch. Tiny scoops Mewchii and flips her over for the beginning of a tombstone. Ziva awakens and tries to save her sis, only to end up in the same upside down predicament. A dual tombstone smashes them headfirst and splays them on the mats for more twitching.

Tiny sits Mewchii to the side and aims for Ziva with a throat lift. A belly punch lurches Ziva forward and she’s lifted for a powerbomb, then slammed right in front of Mewchii. Mewchii gets a powerbomb of her own and is left twitching alongside her flesh and blood. Tiny decides it’s time for the party to wind down and focuses on Ziva. She ends up pressed to the ceiling then receives a triple tombstone piledriver for a Tiny special finish. The coup de grace finds its way to Mewchii as the Tiny special takes her out and into twitches. Tiny recreates the body pile just as he found it and closes out with a 10-count press pin. A dual throat lift picks the girls up and he scoops them up for a dual OTS carry. He declares himself the winner before striking a pose and heading off with the twosome for a comfy night of television.

Dual sleeperhold KO
Dual throat lift
Dual belly punches
Dual wall splashes KO
Dual belly splashes KOs
Dual iron claw KO
Dual hand stomp
Dual stomach crusher KO
Dual foot stomp
Dual bearhug KO
Throat lifts
Choke slam KOs
Two-handed throat lift KOs
Dual skullcrusher w/ drooling KO
Spinal kicks
Dual heart punch KO
Piledriver KOs
Tombstone piledriver KOs
Small package piledriver KOs
Dual piledriver KO
Dual tombstone piledriver KO
Powerbomb KOs
Tiny special KOs
Body pile 10-count pin
Dual over-the-shoulder carry
Victory pose
Body piles
Limb checks
Instant replays
Alternate take


Length: 48 min
Price: 44.99