(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


Once again we celebrate Anne-Marie’s return with a very special release featuring the SKW veteran vs the newest addition to the SKW roster! This is a time limit battle between Willa and Anne-Marie, with the girl who scores the most pins within the given time destined to be declared the winner. As the battle begins, Willa’s inexperience leads to instant pain as she’s tossed to the wall and pummeled with belly blows. After a sudden snapmare, Anne-Marie traps the tiny challenger in a long and decisive sleeper hold that slowly sends her to Dreamland. A quick leghook pin scores Anne’s first point, and she wastes no time waking the rookie up with a gut stomp and slamming her into a tight belly to belly bearhug! Willa fades, but Anne lets her drop, deciding instead to put the brunette’s lights out via a tight neck scissors KO! Another point is awarded to Anne after a 3 count pin, and she continues her attack. A vicious leg drop slams across Willa’s belly, waking her up to a sudden TRIPLE belly splash attack that forces the air out of her inexperienced frame. The third splattering splash leaves Willa out cold, and point # 3 is awarded to Anne-Marie after a quick leghook pin. Overconfident, Anne picks the young girl up and tosses her to the wall, only to have the throw reversed! Anne slams into the wall at full speed and Willa attacks with belly punches of her own! After weakening her opponent, Willa lands a running splash KO that leaves Anne limp on the mats. One pin later and the score is 3-1. Willa really shows off her dark side here, giggling like some sort of demented child as she tortures Anne-Marie in a lifted bearhug that ends up on the mats. Willa refuses to let go as she cracks Anne’s ribs in the squeeze, putting her out and adding an extra jolt to make sure! The score hits 3-2, and Willa continues her assault, waking Anne up with a painful boston crab that leads to a lingering KO sleeper hold! We’re now tied at 3-3, but as Willa goes for Anne’s hair, the blonde veteran slams a sucker punch into the newcomer’s gut! Anne-Marie goes for the coupe de grace…her first PILEDRIVER on an opponent! She lifts Willa high into the air…confident in her execution, until Willa’s long legs, in spite of being upside down, suddenly wrap themselves around Anne’s neck! A battle of wills ensues as Anne struggles to resist the weakening neckscissors while maintaining the piledriver position for the win! Soon enough, Anne’s eyes roll and cross as she nears unconsciousness, a state that causes her to slump forward…NAILING the piledriver on Willa! The young rookie is now out cold, and a severely weakened Anne-Marie barely manages to turn the girl over before slipping into sudden unconsciousness. Anne’s body collapses, belly-to-belly, across Willa’s frame…making for a makeshift pin that our cameraman counts for the win! The official winner may be Anne-Marie, folks…but the last thing you’ll see before we fade to black is a heap of limp limbs, with both wrestlers down and out for the count!

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Length: 13 min, 32 sec

Price: $11.99