(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The petite team of Monroe and Ella Matrix have found it in their fortune to join forces to take on whatever challenge the SKW roster can throw their way, but little do they know their mystery foe may be a “bit” more than they bargained for. Mid-interview the monstrous Tiny performs his signature background creep toward the unsuspecting duo and starts the party off with a heinous double sleeper hold powerful enough to lift both girls from the ground simultaneously! This surely isn’t the challenge the ladies were expecting to make their debut against.

From the jump, Tiny is in prime position to begin his assault and manages to land a series of strikes and slams against the girls at the same time! A sequence of double belly splashes wears the ladies out ensuring they’ll be ripe for Tiny’s assault. A double belly punch awakens them from their slumber and they’re quickly locked into a double bear hug that squeezes them right back into it. Their midsections receive even more punishment as Tiny displays a great feat of strength in the form of a double belly buster that forms a body pile.

A double tongan death grip sees that the girls remain defenseless and Tiny moves onto wall punishment. Concurrent belly blows and piled wall splashes send the pair slumping to the mats in a quite alluring body pile provoking Tiny’s creativity. Two powerful punts from Tiny to Monroe’s rear rock them to semi consciousness and the barrage continues.

After a double head-compressing iron claw turns them into a pool of saliva, Tiny’s short diagnosis confirms the two are green for more trouncing. Out comes the power moves as the duo is lifted into the air and driven into the mats skull first for a trip to convulsion city. A couple ass slaps bring them back to the world of the living, but it’s a quick trip back as Tiny effortlessly delivers a double tombstone to the pair. A double heart punch leaves them mercifully twitching in the derri “air” pose but Tiny brings that to a halt with some follow-up blows, including two that produce powerful spit takes from the girls.

With the end in sight, Tiny finishes the ladies off with his trademark small package pile drivers that lead into his obliterating “Tiny special”. The drool-soaked pair receive another set of staggering heart punches that form the girls into another set of living trophies for the giant. We will have to see if the team will give it another shot after such a rough initiation.

Double lifting sleeper hold KO
Double belly splashes
Instant replays
Body pile splash
Double belly punches
Double bear hug KO
Step over belly stomps
Double belly buster KO
Body pile belly stomps
Double tongan death grip KO
Foot stomp wake up
Belly punches
Body pile wall splash KO
Derri “air” KO poses w/ body pile
Body pile ass punting
Double head-compressing iron claw KO
Limp play
Unconscious eye checks
Throat lifts
Double piledriver KO
Double ass slaps
Double tombstone piledriver KO
Hand stomps
Hand-crushing lifts
Double heart punch w/ twitching
Double spine punch KO
Double derri “air” pose twitching
Double spit take spinal punch KO
Spinal kick to Ella
Small package piledriver KOs
Tiny special KOs
Double matchbook 10 count pin
Double over-the-shoulder carry


Length: 30 min
Price: 24.99