(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



Tiny stands in the Mat Room, as Sleeperkid informs him that a special visitor has returned to SKW, issuing a rematch challenge where if Saya gets a 3-count pin on Tiny she would win, but Tiny would have to get a 10-count pin on her to claim victory.  As Tiny laughs at the prospect, Saya, wearing a tiny red bikini stalks him from behind holding a folding chair in her hands, silently closing the distance as Tiny muses about his last encounter with her.

Tiny finally accepts the challenge and Saya swings the chair into the goliath’s back… to absolutely no effect.  Stunned she backs away apologizing as Tiny slowly turns towards her, slow burning from the attempted pearl-harbor job. He grabs her by the throat, as her eyes roll and she drops the chair.  Slowly the pressure makes her eyes flutter shut until she’s out on her feet, and when released, she crumbles to the mat, her ass high in the air

But things are just getting started as Tiny hauls her to her feet, walking her to the nearby wall then unloading brutal fists into her exposed belly, making her body rock and shudder from the impacts, before whipping her to the opposing wall and following in with a running knee that explodes the air from her, making her sag until she drops to the mat once again, knocked out.

Tiny rolls her over, checking her eyes for signs of life, then flips her onto her stomach again, dragging her to the center of the mat before yanking her into a dominating camel clutch.  Saya wails and whimpers, her eyes fluttering and crossing as Tiny punishes her back, his meathooks clawing her face until Saya can stand no more, shuddering before she finally passes out. Releasing her, Tiny lets her flop lifelessly to the mat, pulling at her limp limbs playfully.

He then hauls her back to her feet, sliding her over his massive shoulders in a torture rack that makes her squeal and kick, bouncing her as she struggles weakly.  Soon it’s too much as Saya’s eyelids shut once again, flopping to the ground as she’s released.

The punishment continues as Tiny dominates Saya with body splashes, mid-air choking, stomping, heart punches, vice grip presses, head claws, Lebelle-locks, face hooks, pile drivers, cradle pile drivers, dragon sleepers, power bombs, bear hugs, chair shots to the head, before finally putting her away with the Tiny Special tombstone piledriver. With hands on her belly and chest he goes for the cover, only to yank her up by the eight count, claiming she “kicked out”.  He hauls her up for a brutal tombstone piledriver, her lithe body flopping to the ground and twitching.  He goes for another pin and wins by a ten count, leaving Saya sprawled on the mat in his wake.

Belly Punching
Belly Kicking
Running Knee Lifts
Camel Clutch
Face Clawing
Torture Rack
Mid Air Choking
Body Splashing
Vice Grip Press
Head Claw
Lebell Lock
Chair Shots
Cradle Piledriver
Bear Hugs
Dragon Sleeper
Power Bomb
Tiny Special
Crossed Eyes
Rolling Eyes


Length: 31 min
Price: 26.99


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