(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



We fade in on three lovely ladies, all dressed in white and ready for a special challenge. Today Ellena, Fantasy and Austynn Madison are here to take on Tiny in a gauntlet style match up. Surprisingly, the ladies are in high spirits and are awfully confident in their upcoming victory. You would think that Fantasy and Ellena would have known better, from past experiences and maybe would have warned Austynn. Well, they’ll learn, soon enough.

Ellena is first up and she is overflowing with confidence, thinking she along can take down the monster. She quickly attacks Tiny with a bear hug that has ZERO effect on him. He gives her a second to try and lock it on better, but soon gets tired of waiting and shows her how it’s done. Tiny’s bear hug works as intended and soon renders Ellena unconscious. From here Tiny does as Tiny does and destroys Ellena, with a sleeper hold, a piledriver and a 10 count pin. All while Fantasy and Austynn watch on in horror. With one down and two to go, the onlookers drag the unconscious Ellena to the corner and prepare for the next round.

Austynn is up next, and even after seeing what happened to Ellena, her confidence remains unshaken. She squares up with Tiny. She dodges his first attempt to lock up and hops on his back for a piggyback sleeper, which at first looks like it might be doing something, but then Tiny drops the act and drops Austynn off his back by slamming her into the wall. From here it’s all one sided domination as Tiny tears through Austynn with belly punches, a chokeslam, mile high body splashes and of course a piledriver. A final 10 count pin seals the deal for Austynn’s round and only Fantasy remains. “Every man’s Fantasy” drags the last of her teammates to the corner and readies herself for her round. Fantasy, however, does look a little shaken, but puts on a brave face and prepares to take on the monster.

As you can imagine, things don’t go well for Fantasy either. Tiny first mocks her size, by challenging her to a test of strength, but holds his hands above his head where she can’t reach. She even jumps to try and reach, but doesn’t come close. Tiny then helps her out by taking a knee, but still she can’t reach. With her hand above her head, leaves her belly exposed and Tiny’s plan becomes clear as he buries a fist deep in her gut, doubling her over. It’s all over from here, as Tiny does a two handed lifted choke out. A Tiny Special and a 10 count pin to put an end to Fantasy.  With no one left on Fantasy’s team to drag her back to the corner, Tiny does the honors with a quick OTS carry before lying her next to her crew.

We fade back in and all three ladies sit in the middle of the mats, barely conscious, while Tiny paces impatiently in the background, waiting for them to wake up so he can get his final bonus round. Tiny rants while he paces, complaining about never have a challenge, this only angers him more, and soon enough Tiny runs out of patience. He attacks the half conscious girls with a triple head vice. They spring to life for a little bit, struggling to stay awake, but soon succumb to the pressure and fade into darkness one last time. With that, Tiny strolls off, leaving 3 more victims unconscious in his wake.


Length: 20 min
Price: 17.99