(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A completely burnt out Phoenix lies strewn across the mats, convulsing as a result of the Machine’s carnage. SK pans over her the spasming damsel, taking note of the message leftover across her midsection. Phoenix spews up drool as we close into her face and she remains unresponsive to a limb check. SK decides to run back the taping of the camera he came across and it isn’t a pretty sight…

Phoenix presents to the camera in enticing and racy lingerie as she cues us into her training for future matches. She puts an open invitation for any of SKW girls to accept, all while the Machine creeps up from behind ready to do his worst. Mid-sentence, she’s snatched into a sleeperhold and lulled into a daze as he provokes her. A final squeeze puts her out and he tosses her glasses to the side before ragdolling her. An OTS carry puts her limp figure on display, then he revives her for more. He offers her a free shot at him, which only results in a pained fist from the clash against his chest. The machine contorts her hand for good measure and shows her how things are done with a heart punch KO. Phoenix begins to spit up and her eyes roll back before she topples to the mats. As she wildly convulses, he drives a second fist into her chest, putting the twitches to a halt. After a bit of mocking he spins her about and hooks her leg for a near 10-count pin.

Phoenix wakes up in his lap and trapped in another sleeperhold. She wriggles around as withstands the submission, but goes unconscious without much fight. The machine twists and cranks it harder to assure she’s out cold and checks for signs of life. A stomp to the belly jars her awake and he yanks her up by the hair. A pedigree sends her crashing to the mats face first for a KO. He then flips her over and digs in with a belly claw to rouse her awake. She kisses the mats again with an x-factor KO that leaves her convulsing face down. He flips her over and indulges his victim with face play followed by a jerking boot to the belly. A dragon sleeper snaps her backward and longing for mercy, then she gasses out in the hold. They go down to the mats where he gets in deep with a reverse guillotine choke. More face play precedes a groin to the claw that makes her groan in agony. He forces her to her feet then plants her headfirst to the floor with a DDT KO. Another belly claw stirs her from insentience and he delivers an uppercut KO that folds her into a matchbook. He feints a 10-count pin as she lies in the pose and breaks it just before the count of 10.

The machine brings toys into the mix as he ties a rope around her neck and gets to squeezing. The drool and life is choked out of her as she frantically kicks to break free, but it’s all for naught. She doesn’t budge to any of the limb checks and is brought back with another torturous belly claw. A skullcrusher submission wears her thin then is assisted with a grapevine. He brings her up and continues the cranial kickass with an iron claw that forces her tongue outward. Phoenix drops to her knees as her senses can’t be found and melts backward. He applies the claw once more and her brains are completely scrambled. He retrieves a stool from offscreen and dangles her onto it. A few cruel kicks to the face flip her off the stool for a spit take into convulsions. While she’s down and out he locks in a sleeperhold that puts her out with ease. He leaves her face down and ass up, stifling her attempt at waking with a nerve pinch.

A belly claw stirs her up again and a wedgie precedes some high impact maneuvers. A piledriver crumples Phoenix to the mats where she lies unresponsive. The pain of a breast claw gets her to come to and he plants her again with a second piledriver KO. A groin stomp leaves her grunting in pain and ripe for a tombstone that leaves her limp in his grasp before sprawling to the mats. She’s not off the hook though as a second belly stomp agitates her into SK arms for a second tombstone piledriver KO. The machine teases with another unsuccessful single leg hook pin grabs a chair from the back. He chokes her with the base of the chair, then hoists her up by the hair for a series of chair shots to the face. She lies twitching and open for more consecutive chair shots. From her KO’d state she coughs up as the saliva builds and he eases her to sleep with a single handed choke. He takes a brief moment to play with his lethargic damsel and what she produces before choking her out once more.

The machine gets his hands on a stun rod and presses it to her spine for a shocking KO. He lifts her from her spasming fit for a hint of lift and carry action before teasing her with a small tase. A piledriver flops her onto the live taser and she violently shakes from the volts. Phoenix remains still to the touch, but completely erupts in a spasming volcano of saliva when she’s flipped over. He admires his handiwork with a selfie with the fallen babe then ragdolls her around the room. He flips her lifeless figure over for a 10-count matchbook pin with spanks and leaves her spread eagle. A marker is used to brand her stomach and he makes his way out, sending us back to the present with Phoenix utterly dominated and powerlessly convulsing.

Sleeperhold KOs
Over-the-shoulder carry
Heart punch KO
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Pedigree KO
Belly claws
X-factor KO
Dragon sleeper KO
Reverse guillotine choke KO
Face play
Groin claw
Uppercut KO
Matchbook KO pin
Rope choke KO
Skullcrusher w/ grapevine KO
Iron claw KOs
Stool-assisted kicks w/ spit take KO
Nerve pinch KO
Piledriver KOs
Breast claw
Groin stomp
Tombstone piledriver KOs
Chair choke
Chair shots KOs
Single hand choke KO
Stun rod KO
Lift and carry
Piledriver onto taser KO
10-count matchbook pin
Derri “air” KO pose
Limb checks
Foaming drool
Twitching / convulsing
Instant replays

Length: 33 min
Price: 32.99