(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The gorgeous and new Sena Rose lies sprawled out in the lap of the reigning Violet Blayze. Violet invites SK to get some footage of her warm welcoming of Sena to SK and what better of a gift to give to the fans? Violet awakens Sena in a sweet manner, then quickly shakes her world up by slamming her into the opposing wall. Running wall splashes flatten Sena against the bricks, but Sena’s deftness allows her to roll out of the way, leading Violet to crash face first for a self-induced KO. The positioning grants Sena the reward of several handspring belly splashes off the wall onto a leveled Violet. Sena then locks in a sleeperhold against a withering violet, jerking her back until she can no longer endure the stranglehold to the point of a KO. Sena then takes a moment to introduce herself to the SKW crowd, but her lapse in judgment isn’t the wisest move.

Violet uses Sena’s distraction against her as she approaches from behind with a sleeperhold of her own. Sena is a fighter as she bucks against Violet’s grip, but the thick vixen is too much for her as she falls to Violet’s potent squeeze. Violet’s limb check count is successful and Violet switches to an impactful part of the match, beginning with a tombstone piledriver KO. A 10-count Undertaker style pin is counted against the new girl and Violet lifts her for more. An OTS carry with a win pose shows Violet’s prowess before she leaves with the limp Sena for a wardrobe swap.

Violet carries Sena back into the room with a scantily-clad wardrobe swap and the improvised piledriver-themed match is brought into order. Sena’s blatantly sapped as she can barely stand on her own, which serves perfect for Violet. A body blow bends Sena forward and curls her into Violet’s clutches for a piledriver KO. Sena writhes in defeat and Violet secures her first fall of the match with a 10-count single leg hook pin. Sena softly budges to Violet’s stiff body blows and she’s lifted for another doubling belly punch. A small package piledriver plants Sena into the mats head first, then she’s flopped onto the mats face down into light twitching. Violet takes advantage by curling the unconscious Sena into a matchbook pin for another 10-count fall.

Sena is nearly ragdolled to her feet and begs for Violet to let her go, however she’s rewarded with a tombstone piledriver KO for her efforts. She’s utterly out of it as she lies twitching and Violet ragdolls her into another curling matchbook pin between the thighs. Violet lifts her, hurls her forward with a stomach punch, then sends her into the match with another piledriver KO. There’s nothing Sena can do as she withstands Violet’s 10-count reverse schoolgirl single leg hook pin. Face taps barely stir Sena awake and the cute jobber can’t even muster words. A second small package piledriver flattens Sena as she’s rolled up with even a little ragdolling to make a statement.

With the time limit coming down, Violet makes sure to make Sena’s welcome a special one as she delivers a tombstone piledriver for more spread eagle twitching. A spicy 10-count reverse facesitting pin is inflicted upon Sena, leaving the twitching the jobber diminished beneath the fierce domme. For good measure, Violet executes a sleeperhold on an already destroyed Sena, taking her out for good as well as a limb check. Violet then strikes a win pose with Sena slung for an OTS carry to finalize her warm welcome.

Running wall splashes self-KO
Handspring belly splashes KO
Sleeperhold KOs
Tombstone piledriver KOs
10-count Undertaker style pin
Over-the-shoulder carries
Belly punch
Piledriver KOs
10-count single leg hook pin
Fist to belly grind
Small package piledriver KOs
10-count matchbook pins
10-count reverse schoolgirl single leg hook pin
10-count reverse facesitting pin
Victory pose
Trash talk
Instant replays
Limb checks


Length: 23 min
Price: 22.99