(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Rachel Adams strolls about the dungeon in high anticipation of her session with a powerful SKW newcomer. A door closes shut and from the entrance emerges Tiny Destroyer (not to be confused with SKW’s resident colossus). After a brief intro, Rachel gushes about her desire for TD to dominate her, then disrobes to show her pleasing bikini and gear. TD follows suit as she sports a shiny black one piece and gear. Rachel excitedly gets to feel her biceps then reiterates her hopes for the session before they engage.

From a seated position, Rachel is introduced to a vintage hold in the form of a sleeper. TD teaches her about the hold’s potential as she performs causing Rachel to squirm in bliss. Rachel soon goes out and the drool flows effortlessly. TD stirs her learner awake and ensures she’s okay before employing a snug reverse headscissor. TD’s sharp shifts and jerks apply further strain to a submissive Rachel who’s finished when the pressure’s increased. With Rachel completely limp, TD sees it fit to exercise a single leg hook 10-count pin before delivering more.

Rachel confirms she’s okay, then finds herself at the mercy of a hand-over-mouth smother. She kicks and writhes as TD stifles her breathing before sleep and drool set in. A few face taps awaken Rachel and she lethargically makes her way to her feet for the next maneuver. She seeks refuge against the wall as TD approaches with a padded glove to lay in some stinging belly punches. Each blow forces Rachel to gasp for air as she hunches over in grief. TD repositions her to the center for additional stomach shots and Rachel is worn down further. A right hook drops her to the mats where she respires in delight, thirsting to be put out. TD grants her wish as numerous belly splashes punish her midsection till she’s out cold. TD verifies the KO with another single leg hook 10-count pin, then revives Rachel for the next maneuver.

Rachel faintly crawls over to a seated TD to be encased in a cinched rear headscissor that completely overwhelms her. Rachel easily goes night night between muscular thighs and endures the same fulfillment in reverse as a frontal headscissor squeezes her more. With her back arched and neck squished Rachel concedes before TD releases the hold for another KO. TD keeps her comfy seat as she coerces Rachel to sit in front for a set for a tortuous nerve-holding knuckles to the sides of her neck. Rachel writhes in utter debilitation until her grip loosens, eyes roll back, and the drool flows for a KO. Rachel is soon brought to and undergoes a two-handed choke from the same position. Rachel demands to be choked harder and TD is happy to oblige as the extra compression puts her to bed.

With the time limit of their sesion on the horizon, TD wakes her again for any final cravings. Rachel yearns to be put out for a good while and TD surely accommodates. A set of nerve-grinding knuckles to the neck and hand over the eyes cause Rachel to writhe and moan before tapping. The frantic taps are ignored and she’s put to sleep in TD’s grasp. Rachel’s tongue protrudes as the drool drips, but TD wants to make sure she follows through on her promise. Rachel teeters on the edge of unconsciousness as she’s locked into a final sleeperhold. The squeeze forces her to drool profusely as she begins convulsing in the hold for the last knockout. Rachel lifelessly drifts to her side and is cared for as TD grants her a blanket and pillow for her pain-filled rest.

Elevated sleeperhold KOs
Reverse headscissor KO
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Rear hands-over-mouth smother KO
Belly punching
Belly splashes KO
Elevated rear headscissor KO
Elevated front headscissor KO
Two-fisted nerve hold KO
Rear 2-handed choke KO
Nerve hold w/ blinding KO
Instant replay


Length: 36 min
Price: 34.99