(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



We open on Laynie and Sumiko knocked out stacked against each other with their butts in the air, wearing shiny leotards and tights. As the girls slowly come to and get to their feet, a voice comes over loudspeakers, informing them that they have been abducted in order to settle their rivalry with a battle for freedom in this secret battle arena, where the winner will be able to leave, but the loser becomes the slave of this villainous organization.

The rivals square off, circling each other, talking trash, and then Laynie steps in firing a wild haymaker at Sumiko’s head.  The lithe Asian ducks, scooting behind the curvy blonde and leaping onto her back, applying a tight sleeper hold as she wraps her legs to support herself. Laynie staggers and struggles, then drops to her knees, her eyes crossing then rolling before she fades out and is kicked folded over.  Sumiko wakes her only to apply a severe nerve pinch than has Laynie reeling, eyes rolling before they flutter shut.  Another knockout in Sumiko’s favor, but the scrappy warrior isn’t done yet. Hauling Laynie to her feet she throws her against the wall then unloads with as series of brutal belly punches, making Laynie gasp and grunt as she’s lifted from the floor with each blow.  Finally Sumiko chops her in the belly, making Laynie drop to the ground, her ass high in the air.

Viciously Sumiko kicks her in the head, and then yanks her to her feet to apply a thumb attack to the nerve clusters in Laynie’s temples. She thrashes and struggles, her eyes bulging from the attack, but soon her eyes roll and flutter shut yet again, collapsing to the ground in a heap. Perfectly positioned for an arm bar sleeper hold, which Sumiko yanks her into with unrelenting glee. Layne thrashes and struggles helplessly in her grip, her eyes crossing as the pressure builds but soon it’s too much for her and the leggy blonde fades out. Cackling, Sumiko grabs her by the head to haul her upright again, but this time Laynie is ready for her, grabbing her ankles and flipping her onto her back, pouncing on her downed opponent and folding her legs over herself, cutting off Sumiko’s airways.

Sumiko tries to wriggle free but lack of oxygen weakens her and the pressure builds around her throat and neck until her rolling eyes flutter shut and her gasping stops. Laynie collapses against her butt, exhausted, but desperation makes her wake.  She pulls Sumiko into a modified neck scissors, wrenching her neck between thigh and abdomen, as Sumiko’s legs kick and thrash as her eyes cross.  The cut off blood supply finally takes its toll and her eyes roll back, but Laynie isn’t done yet, hauling her to the wall and thrusting her foot against Sumiko’s neck, leaning in until Sumiko passes out once more.  Collapsing to the ground, Sumiko finds herself the victim of a nerve attack to the neck that makes her spasm and twitch, followed up by a series of cartwheel belly splashes.

Things heat up as Laynie dives into the bag of goodies in the corner, taking the billy stick and clubbing Sumiko over the head with it over and over until at last she collapses to the mat, her butt thrust high in the air.

The girl’s take no prisoners as they attack each other with nerve attacks to the foot, chloroform foot smothers, , dual chloroform attacks, knockout spray to the face, sit-out belly splashes, neck smothers, belly punching and Tasers. At last Laynie prevails, leaving Sumiko twitching helplessly on a fallen taser, gaining her freedom while Sumiko is bound for slavery.

Crossed Eyes
Foot Smothers
Rolling Eyes
Rolling Tongues
Belly Punching
Arm Bar Sleeper
Nerve Pinching
Temple Press
Modified Neck Scissors
Knockout Spray


Length: 26 min

Price: 21.99