(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


This amazing and epic clip features the DEBUT of both Dinah and Jade as agents sent to capture an elusive spy (played by SK). We fade in on the ladies entering the Kid’s lair, and as Jade leaves to secure the rest of the house it’s Dinah that takes the first triple blackjack KO! Jade enters and tries to wake her partner up, only to suffer a triple head-thump knockout for her trouble. Another blackjack shot later and Dinah is out like a light and dragged to a chair, where Jade soon joins her. The girls soon come to and plan an ambush…but it’s SK who attacks first, nailing a perfect double neck chop and finishing the girls off with a forced headbutt double KO. Dinah slowly awakens and tries to steady her partner, but SK nails two right hooks that leave her out for the count…and Jade open for her OWN counter-attack. She jumps SK, who bashes her into the wall and peppers her belly with jabs, finishing the beautiful brunette off with a KO neck pinch. As Dinah comes to and attacks, SK counters with a belly blow and uppercut combo that leave the lovely agent dazed and ripe for a reverse bearhug KO!!! SK drags Dinah over to a nearby chair as Jade comes to, attempting a final sleeper attack. “You should have stayed out!” SK yells, nailing an elbow to the gut and backhand fist slam to the face that open Jade up to a final punchout KO. The two are now completely out cold and sitting next to each other…as SK leaves to grab a litle “toy!” He returns with a long injector, giving each girl a dose in the neck that slowly starts to hypnotize them. Soon enough, both drugged beauties are under SK’s control… an advantage the Kid takes for a ride, commanding both girls to stand up and fall asleep. They awaken with a new hypnotic suggestion in their minds…and for some reason wearing boxing gloves! As the two attack the Kid he snaps his fingers…causing these two partners and friends to face each other in a boxing battle to the end! Jade lands the first punch, but it’s Dinah that returns the punch, along with 4 powerful jabs and an uppercut that leave Jade completely out cold on the mats. Her hypnotic command complete, Dinah returns to her trance . “You ready for your prize?” SK asks. Dinah dreamily asks what it is and finds out instantly as SK’s fist collides with her jaw, sending her flying into the wall. The Kid finishes her off with a perfect Vulcan nerve pinch and lays Jade next to her. As they come to, SK suddenly straddles and attacks them both with a chloroform-soaked cloth, taking turns placing the chloro over each girl’s airways until both spies are an inch away from unconsciousness. As he bids them a fond farewell, SK leaves the cloth on the ground between both girls’ faces, the fumes making their way into their nostrils…slowly and gradually sending the lovely agents to sleep for a final decisive KO!

Length: 23 min 07 sec

Price: $18.99