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In this AMAZING superheroine-themed release, we fade in on two bank robbers (Heather West and Foxy Roulette) inspecting their loot when “Supergirl” enters behind them (Alisa Kiss).  Heather unloads her weapon on Alisa but they all start laughing, revealing the fact that the two criminals hired a FAKE Supergirl to “arrest” them in order to get away clean!  Alisa leaves to freshen up while the other two rejoice in their success…until THE REAL SUPERGIRL (Jacquelyn Velvets) appears behind them!  Heather and Foxy try to fight, but their fists end up smacking pure steel!

What follows is a fast-paced, FX-filled beatdown, with Supergirl teaching all THREE of these ruffians a serious lesson!  Includes:  punchouts, a KO bearhug, bone breaking (hand), reverse super breath, super breath wall slam KOs, chokes, super speed tricks, face jab KO, chest press KO, forced head slam double KO, and a final X-RAY vision reveal of the loot.The real Supergirl smiles as she leaves, leaving nothing but unconscious criminals in her wake!(includes outtakes)


Length: 14 min
Price:  8.99