(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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An impromptu Fetcon bout between Fayth and Sumiko is spun up in the hotel room. Best two of three falls is the name of the game through submissions and knockouts with no holds barred. SK hits the countdown and the ladies size up one another before locking in.

The girls end up tightly in each other’s clutches and wrap legs for the takedown advantage. Sumiko slips into an advantageous mount, but Fayth doesn’t grant her control so easily. Fayth battles out of Sumiko’s mounted grapevine attempt and gets on top to pin Sumiko down. Sumiko rebuttals with a frontal bodyscissor and squeezes at Fayth’s ribs. Fayth tries to get to a stand to break the hold, but Sumiko has locked in a headlock for a frontal guillotine that seemingly wears her down. The compact submission does its worst as Fayth grunts in pain and Sumiko finally relinquishes the hold.

With Fayth fairly fatigued, Sumiko pursues with a camel clutch taking full control of her rival. The pain courses through Fayth’s body as she’s sharply arched backward, but she remains stalwart in not submitting. The resilience pays off Sumiko releases another hold, but a sleeperhold is soon clamped to Fayth’s open throat and the end looks near. Fayth is left limp from the sleeperhold and Sumiko gets the first fall with a 3-count single leg hook pin.

The ladies return to an even start and tie up. Fayth takes the lead with a series of belly blows and hurls Sumiko onto the couch. Showing off her dominant heel persona, Fayth grips Sumiko by the face and rips into her midsection with assorted body blows. She locks her hands up and strikes the body with even more shots. A snapmare flips Sumiko to the floor and Fayth applies a sleeperhold of her own. Sumiko goes out in Fayth’s grip leading to an evenly scored match, but a new party enters the match and Fayth ends up choked in Derek Synclair’s sleeperhold. The two main competitors take a siesta and Derek gets a good laugh from her fallen competition.

The new girl puts her strength on display by waking and scooping the new girls up for sets of dizzying airplane spins. The fighting pair end up on the receiving end of a dual sleeperhold and there’s little they can do to fight back before conking out. Teasing face play awakens the duo and Derek brings them to a stand. Taking both girls by the arms, Derek slams them together like a pair of ragdolls and they nearly collapse. They’re then stood together and a set of crossing hooks to collide across their faces to lay them out on the canvas. Derek then gets the golden opportunity for a dual 3-count single leg hook pin, making her the victress of a surprise handicap match. She strikes poses over the defeated fighters, leaving them bested by the surprise challenger.

Frontal bodyscissor
Frontal guillotine choke
Camel clutch
Sleeperhold KOs
3-count single leg hook pin
Knees to stomach
Belly punching
Body pile
Airplane spins
Dual sleeperhold KO
Dual body collision KO
Dual face punch KO
10-count dual single leg hook pin
Victory poses
Limb checks
Eye rolling


Length: 12 min
Price: 10.99